Ancestor of the Day: Feninsa Farsa

My first female ancestor that I’m able to post, yay! Not very many women are mentioned so far back in our family line. My last post was on Phoeniusa Farsaidh, King of Scythia. Feninsa is his mother, the wife of Bathath farssaidh. I’m excited about this post! Through Feninsa I can claim all 5 feet, 2 inches, and 150 pounds of me to be an Amazon Worrier (laughing- out loud).

Feninsa had two sons, besides her first child Phoeniusa Farsaidh, there was Esru. Esru was the second son. All we know about him is he had a son named Sru.

I’m excited to write about this ancestor. My cousin A.A. Kelly and I could give her a warrior type of personality and create a book that legends are made of, keeping it as real as possible though. Instead of a God like figure, like Wonder Woman, I think Feninsa would be described best as a strong woman with warrior like qualities. A woman history finds worth mentioning.

amazonian-woman.jpgFeninsa Farsa;

“Today I am posting the 8th ancestor and 1st female since I started way back in history. She was the wife of Bathath Farssaidh, King of Scythia and mother of Phoeniusa Farsaidh, King of Scythia and Esru. Her estimated birth date is between 2564 BCE and 2504 BCE.”

From Wikipedia: “In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a race of women warriors. Scythian women may have inspired the myth. Herodotus reported that they were related to the Scythians (an Iranian people) and placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine). Other historiographers place them in Anatolia, or sometimes Libya.”


“Esru is the 2nd son of Bathath Farssaidh, King of Scythia and brother to Phoeniusa Farsaidh, King of Scythia. Well, it sucks to the be the 2nd son. All we know about this guy is that his estimated birth date is between 2495 BCE and 2469 BCE, he had a son named Sru (lara) and that he was related to the 2 Kings above.”

From the Encyclopedia Britannica: “Until the 20th century, most of what was known of the history of the Scythians came from the account of them by the ancient Greek historian Herodotus, who visited their territory. In modern times that record has been expanded chiefly by Russian and other anthropologists excavating kurgans in such places as Tyva and Kazakhstan.”

By A.A. Kelly

My Next post will also include another female. The only Child listed for Phoeniusa Farsaidh, and his wife- stay tuned

H.E. Olsen


ANCESTOR OF THE DAY:Phoeniusa Farsaidh, King of Scythia

My ancestor, Phoeniusa Farsaidh, would be a very interesting person to write a fiction after. I love getting to know my ancestors, especially those who are connected to biblical times and scripture. To have one who was involved with building the Tower of Babble is amusing to me, it makes me giggle. Also, to learn that he was part of studying the different confused languages at Nimrod’s Tower is splendid. This journey of where I come from is so mind boggling. I’m sometimes struck with awe and wonder.

ConfusionPhoeniusa Farsaidh was born in -2533 in Scythia, Ancient Eurasia and Died in -1800 in Scythia, Ancient Eurasia. That would have made him 733 at the time of his death. He was the 1st of 2 sons of Bathath Farssaidh, King of Scythia, and the son that our family line is descended from. Information I have been reading refers to him as the legendary king of Scythia.

He was also known as “Fenius Farsa”, “Fenius the Antiquary”, and “King of Greater Scythia”.

There is quite a bit of information on this guy and he shows up in different versions of Irish mythology. According to some legends, he invented the Ogham alphabet and the Gaelic language. In the ancient “Lebor Gabala Erenn”, he is said to be one of the 72 chieftains who built Nimrod’s Tower of Babel, and then travelled to Scythia after the tower collapsed.

From Wikipedia: According to the Auraicept na n-Éces, Fenius journeyed from Scythia together with Goídel mac Ethéoir, Íar mac Nema, and a retinue of 72 scholars. They came to the plain of Shinar to study the confused languages at Nimrod’s tower. Finding that the speakers had already dispersed, Fenius sent his scholars to study them, staying at the tower, coordinating the effort. After ten years, the investigations were complete, and Fenius created in Bérla tóbaide “the selected language”, taking the best of each of the confused tongues, which he called Goidelic, after Goídel mac Ethéoir. He also created extensions of Goídelc language, called Bérla.

By A.A. Kelly

My Cousin A.A, Kelly has uncovered some amazing things about our history. I can’t wait to share more, stay tuned!

ANCESTOR OF THE DAY: Faithechta, also known as Fathochta.

I love getting to know my ancestors. The path they have me on is very colorful and filled with the beginning of legends from Christianity to Greek mythology and other beliefs. Every story, myth, and belief has a beginning, real or false. Magog is the grandson of the Biblical Noah, born to Noah’s son Japheth. Christianity is the beginning of this journey, from the great big flood of the Bible’s Old Testament, bringing a new beginning. I’m debating whether to start with Magog or his first son King Bathath Farssaidh for this book series.

Irish-MilesiansFaithechta, another +++ uncle, is the 3rd son of Magog and another brother to Bathath Farssaidh, King of Scythia. He is estimated to be born between 2643 BCE and 2583 BCE. He had 2 sons that we know of. Their names were Partholan and Braiment/Fraimaint. There is no more known about Faithechta but there is quite a legend regarding his son Partholan, a +++ cousin. It is said that he was the first person to colonize Ireland after the Flood. His people landed in Ireland in the year 1484 BC and the entire colony was wiped out by plague 300 years later in 1184 BC. The Chronicum Scotorum gives a short account of the legend, “”On a Monday, the 14th of May, he arrived, his companions being eight in number, viz., four men and four women.” If the kingdom of Desmond were as rich then as now in natural beauty, a scene of no ordinary splendour must have greeted the eyes and gladdened the hearts of its first inhabitants. They had voyaged past the fair and sunny isles of that “tideless sea,” the home of the Phoenician race from the earliest ages. They had escaped the dangers of the rough Spanish coast, and gazed upon the spot where the Pillars of Hercules were the beacons of the early mariners. For many days they had lost sight of land, and, we may believe, had well-nigh despaired of finding a home in that far isle, to which some strange impulse had attracted them, or some old tradition—for the world even then was old enough for legends of the past—had won their thoughts. But there was a cry of land. The billows dashed in wildly, then as now, from the coasts of an undiscovered world, and left the same line of white foam upon Eiré’s western coast. The magnificent Inver rolled its tide of beauty between gentle hills and sunny slopes, till it reached what now is appropriately called Kenmare. The distant Reeks showed their clear summits in sharp outline, pointing to the summer sky. The long-backed Mangerton and quaintly-crested Carn Tual were there also; and, perchance, the Roughty and the Finihe sent their little streams to swell the noble river bay. But it was no time for dreams, though the Celt in all ages has proved the sweetest of dreamers, the truest of bards. These men have rough work to do, and, it may be, gave but scant thought to the beauties of the western isle, and scant thanks to their gods for escape from peril. Plains were to be cleared, forests cut down, and the red deer and giant elk driven to deeper recesses in the well-wooded country. Several lakes are said to have sprung forth at that period; but it is more probable that they already existed, and were then for the first time seen by human eye. The plains which Partholan’s people cleared are also mentioned, and then we find the ever-returning obituary:— “The age of the world 2550, Partholan died on Sean Mhagh-Ealta-Edair in this year.”[3] The name of Tallaght still remains, like the peak of a submerged world, to indicate this colonization, and its fatal termination. Some very ancient tumuli may still be seen there. The name signifies a place where a number of persons who died of the plague were interred together; and here the Annals of the Four Masters tells us that nine thousand of Partholan’s people died in one week, after they had been three hundred years in Ireland.[4] Another tidbit about Scythia which is where Faithechta lived: “Scythia was a loose state that originated as early as 8th century BC. Little is known of them and their rulers. The most detailed western description is by Herodotus, though it is uncertain he ever went to Scythia. He says the Scythians’ own name for themselves was “Scoloti.” The Scythians became increasingly settled and wealthy on their western frontier with Greco-Roman civilization.”

A.A. Kelly

This detailed description has me thinking. Could it be that the Pillars of Hercules be pillars of a place that was inhabited by people before the flood? Were these pillars so foreign looking and strange to these explorers that they chalked it up to god-like. Could this have been, in part, the beginning of some Greek mythologies? Could’ve Partholan and his people been cursed by creating and worshipping false gods? Regardless of these questions what an interesting view of the past.

Also, imagine the boats and ships that were made. The boat makers were probably taught by Noah who was instructed by God Himself with understanding and wisdom of how to build a strong ship. His wisdom was, more than likely, passed to his sons and so on.

God Bless and Much Love,

H.E. Olsen


Spiritual Warfare

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Our battle in spiritual warfare can be hard to see. We need to fight against the flesh and reach for the Holy Spirit. It’s hard to hear the voice of the holy spirit in our soul when the flesh is so very loud with the I wants, have to haves, and I needs. Also with past pains and hurts. The flesh screams at us things it says are good and acceptable when they’re not. satan uses this to his advantage to try to come in-between us and God. God distances himself from us when we are living in the flesh because those who have entered his presence with an unclean heart have died. Jesus shed his blood as the ultimate sacrifice so we can have a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Through the blood of Jesus our heart is made clean. satan is loud with noise and chaos to prevent us from hearing the Holy Spirit. Fear is one of his greatest weapons. I’m going to share with you my testimony of being attacked by demons. This is not something I would tell everyone. Only a handful of people know this about me because I have felt that not many people would believe me. If it didn’t happen to me I’m not sure I would believe myself, but know I feel the need to share whether people believe me or not. I feel that someone might need to hear my story.


“I was in my early teens when one night, after being soundly asleep in my bed, I was woken up by being shaken. My whole body and bed were shaking. I thought I was dreaming at first. I even asked myself, ‘Am I dreaming?’ Now, if one has to ask oneself if they are dreaming then they are most likely not dreaming. I even pinched myself. When I realized I was fully awake I became scared and confused. I heard a low growly voice float up from under my bed calling my name, ‘Heather.’ I became so terrified that I was frozen. I had no idea what to do? I then recalled a Sunday school teacher telling me to call on the name of Jesus whenever I was afraid. I was definitely afraid! I put this to practice but as I went to cry out the name of Jesus I couldn’t speak. It took everything I had to force out the name of Jesus. Finally I yelled, ‘JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!’ –dead silence. Everything was at a stillness. My bed suddenly dropped. I was dumbfounded. I was confused about why this was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that it happened.

That morning I ran to my mom and told her all about what happened. At first she seemed concerned but then it was like watching a cloud of disbelief wash down her face. She told me that it was just a dream. It was no dream! I will never forget that experience for as long as I live.

My next attack was at youth group. I was around 18 and a few of us girls would show up early to pray before youth group started. We were in a school room praying and finding it hard to focus. We decided to turn off the light so we would stop being distracted. When we felt done we walked around the church to see if anyone showed up yet but hardly anyone was there so we went back to praying. When we got back to the room we noticed something strange. On the opposite wall, where the light from the hallway was shining, there was a shadow. This shadow didn’t belong there. We all saw it so it wasn’t just my imagination. The shadow was a form of a net. There was nothing there to cast this shadow. The air inside this room was extremely heavy and evil like. We decided to not go in. We closed the door and found another room to pray in.

I now know and understand the heaviness in that room. With my experiences since then I know that heaviness to be oppression. The net was a net of oppression cast directly at us. I want to take a moment to pray for the other girls who were with me, ‘Lord I pray that that net of oppression cast on these girls’ lives, in any shape or form, will be broken and destroyed, by the blood of Jesus- amen.’ (If you’re reading this, and need that prayer also, than pray it in your heart and believe it.)

The third attack happened when I was in Oregon. I was there to help take care of my Granny who had cancer and was going through chemo. I was sleeping in my dad’s old room. I heard my door squeak open and thought it was Granny coming for help. I was in between that sleep and awake stage. It was like I was in a trans state of some form. I knew and could tell that I was looking through the slits of my eyes. I looked over to the door expecting Granny to come in, but it was not Granny. It was a demon. It walked around my bed and came to sit next to me. It said in a low tormenting voice, ‘She is mine, you cannot have her!’ it then just laughed and laughed. I couldn’t move. This time I knew what to do. I knew that calling on the name of Jesus worked. So I quickly, and much more easily called out, ‘JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!’ –it was gone! I was fully awake.

I had no idea why I was being attacked. I didn’t know what else to do other than call out the name of Jesus. I didn’t know how to battle this level of spiritual warfare. I felt lost and confused. I started looking into and studying spiritual warfare. I’m growing in understanding.

Two years ago I went through counseling by a friend who decided to counsel me for free. My friend walked me through payers to overcome my generational demons. One day- not at night this time, my friend was having me say prayers to release me from my generational demons when I felt such heaviness on my chest. I couldn’t take it anymore so we decided to continue another day. Well, throughout that day my chest became heavier and heavier. I started to feel pressure on my brain. It felt like someone was squeezing my head. I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just pray in the spirit and rest in the Lord.’ As I opened my mouth to speak in tongues I grew in confusion. It was not the same. It didn’t sound the same or feel the same as when I usually pray in the spirit. I soon realized that whatever was coming out of my mouth was not of the Holy Spirit. I closed my mouth quickly. I called my friend who came over right away. My friend prayed over me until there was a release.

Just as heavenly beings have their own language, and can pray through us in this language, than why not the demonic also? This puts satan worship at a whole new level.

I now understand why I’ve been attacked so strongly. satan and his demons want to prevent me- prevent us all, from hearing the voice of the spirit. When we quiet ourselves enough to hear the Holy Spirit and start following the will of God we will be attacked. satan doesn’t want us to grow close to the Lord or to further His kingdom. When the attack is not as severe as I’ve been attacked, we can then be attacked by doubts and untruths. The people around us can also come against us in hate, through jealousies, anger, and other emotions- through this we can become bitter and blind by our own reacting emotions. Demons are hard at work, everywhere, stirring up hate and chaos. We give legal ground for the enemy to become attached to us through our actions created by our negative emotions and by what we allow into our lives that influence our choices. We can also have demons hanging on to our family line through generation to generation. They are called familiar spirits, but not only do we have familiar spirits we can, and most likely do, have generational curses caused by sins of our ancestors. Our battle ground against demons and curses is in prayer through faith and our weapons are the word of God, the blood of Jesus, and the name of Jesus. We need to repent, forgive, and not to forget to forgive ourselves- like I often do, so we can move forward. This is bruising the enemy’s head and allows us to defeat the demons. I hope this testimony has helped someone in some shape or form. God bless and much love.

I no-longer fear the dark, creatures, or demons for I know God is with me and His will shall reign. He is my strength and has given me authority over them through the name of Jesus. ~H.E. Olsen

(A book that has helped me a lot is PRAYERS THAT ROUT DEMONS by John Eckhardt)

A Positive Interpretation About the Wolf Symbol

{037E0A23-7CC1-4477-B30C-02EEA895BC66}-1003058_707879609237885_1219893565_n[1]…A few months ago I had a dream where I was about 8 months pregnant and lying in a white tub filled with clear water. Through the pains of pregnancy it felt refreshing. Then, all the sudden, I was lying in the forest giving birth. I felt in danger. A gray wolf ran at me snarling and growling. I was afraid at first. But then it jumped over me and stopped. It backed up while growling and barking toward the shadowy forest. I realized it was protecting me, there was a positive connection. I could sense the evil out there pursuing me. A human figure approached but the wolf wouldn’t let it near me. I then woke from my dream. This dream has been at the back of my mind for a while. I decided to look into the symbols of the dream this morning. I was blown away and amazed. The tub and water represent a washing and purification. Water symbolizes the word of God. Being 8 months pregnant symbolizes a new start, a new job, or new ministry …a new something being formed. Since I’m close to birthing in my dream it will be soon as in just a few months, or within a year. But as I lie in the forest giving birth, with the wolf, I was confused. The bible uses the wolf symbol as something negative. Like, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It warns us of the wolf. The wolf in my dream was a positive force not a negative one. I have been learning lately that everything has a positive side or a negative one. So, since I couldn’t find a positive side in the bible I decided to look for the positive characteristics of the wolf. God made all creatures so therefor they all have good symbols. But evil does it’s best to rule also using creatures as evil symbols. With every down there is an up, hot to cold, and in to out. There is always an opposite, two sides. I decided to also see how they are viewed by other beliefs. I decided to do this since all spiritual beliefs are founded by the same foundation whether flawed or not, truth or untruth. I relied on the Holy Spirit and the sense of truth from the bible. This is what I perceived as I read and studied an article published by Loner Wolf (I had to decipher through what affected me, what was truth, and what was untruth about certain belief systems that this article gives. I changed or added some words, which are not italicized, to show how divine characteristics could be added to the wording that jumped out connecting to me.) This is what I got from Loner Wolf….

The personality traits of the Wolf are those of powerful instinct, intuition and high intelligence.  The Wolf roams the wild with a thirst for freedom, working within a social environment.

A wolf represents a Strong connection with your instincts/Holy Spirit or intuition/God’s will.

It also represents High intelligence, Loyalty, communication, and Deep desire for freedom (there is freedom through Jesus, through forgiveness, and through truth).

With the use of body movement, touch, eye contact and vocal sounds, wolves engage with other wolves constantly.  If you dream of a Wolf, you and the wolf connecting in a positive way, you’re most likely good at expressing yourself verbally and physically.  Often it’s the case that people with the Wolf symbol are naturally eloquent in speech, or are good at creative writing. A Wolf’s main trait is its sharp instinct, a Wolf symbol could be trying to tell you that you’re misguided in your trust for someone or it may be warning you to listen more often to your instincts/Holy Spirit or intuition/Gods will and to be loyal to yourself and God.

Perceiving the Wolf symbol is your unconscious’ /spiritual way of letting you know that it might be feeling vulnerable; that you might have revealed too much to someone about yourself, and now your sense of freedom feels bounded by the predatory mistrust of that person. It may also signify that the people you’re trying to connect with at the moment are making you feel afraid.

Mistrust doesn’t always have to do with other people.  Sometimes our mistrust and lack of loyalty is towards ourselves and God.  For example, maybe you’re not listening to your ‘communicative’/ spiritual traits of verbal or written expression, or perhaps you’re not behaving in a loyal biblical self-loving way with yourself. Wolves are wild animals, they are beautiful creatures of mystery that cannot be domesticated.  If a Wolf appears to you in a certain period of your life when you’re in doubt of the changes that are happening, it can be reassuring you that the path you’re taking is the right one, and that you’re being loyal to your instincts/ God’s will.

Equally, if the Wolf presents itself in a moment in life where you feel stuck, it might be reminding you that you’re a free wild creature, that you can deviate from whatever path you are currently on and become a ‘lone Wolf’ if necessary in order to pursue your dreams/ Gods will.

(I have no idea if this was alright to do sense this isn’t my literary work but I had to share how this study affected me spiritually. I needed to show how It went through my mind as I read the article.)

Given my circumstances and the way my life is headed most of this fits to a T. My first book is in the process of being birthed. I have gone through a spiritual cleaning and continue to seek to purify myself. I love creative writing. I have told people of my direction and they have turned and tried to use it against me. I have felt stuck by my circumstances and by people. I have been in doubt about some changes and I have been holding back on some issues in my book due to fear, I struggle with fear due to the people around me. I have people around me who are trust worthy and who are not trust worthy. I have been battling against all of this. I’ve felt strongly pulled to this wolf symbol, now I know this wolf symbol had so much to say. I am going down the right path God has for me. I have been mostly a lone wolf in pursuing God’s will for my life.  I do not need to fear the enemy, God is with me, He has placed protection over me … “For if God is for me who can be against me!” I have found freedom in Jesus, forgiveness, and truth. I will continue and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. I will write all that I feel lead to say, I will no longer hold back. This journey has been very enlightening.

Have you had a dream that strongly felt like it was calling to you? That when you woke up it impacted you in some way?  …whether silly or not… There is meaning behind a dream. Share your dream if you dare! 🙂

Author H.E. Olsen


I want to say thank you to everyone who liked and commented on my pictures. My eleven year old son loves taking pictures and I can’t afford professional ones at this time, so we winged it. He laughed at me the whole time. It was very silly to him to be taking pictures of his mom. I told him I would pay for the pictures. Lol, he takes good ones. The pictures I post on my Facebook page with mountains and scenery are his also. I’m thinking on buying him a more professional camera Sometime in the future.

I’m still working on the extended version of my  book. I’m about half way done. I was hoping to have more done by now but things seemed to spiral out of control once summer vacation hit. I thought I would have more time, so frustrating.  I will be able to get a big chunk done next week. Very excited.

Sorry for not blogging as much as I said I would. It’s been very difficult here and this phone I use is very frustrating. I could kick it. Grrrrr…. it’s taken me over an hour just to post this. Yes, lol-ing out of pure craziness. So, I will end this update by encouraging those who want to check out the pictures my son took or haven’t checked out my Facebook page please do. I love getting feedback, who doesn’t. Hope to see you there. 😊

Reconnecting with Family,

Adding some family history to my book. auston pics 4-12-15 021 This will allow those who read my book to understand where I come from and why I am who I am in this journey of finding love within. I have loved reconnecting with family members I haven’t seen or heard from in decades, in getting all my facts straight.  I’m working hard and moving forward. I would love my extended version to be done way before the due date.😉

Having Fun….

I’m adding my personal story to my book. All my ups and downs, and everything that has deeply affected me. I’m starting with when we lived up at McAbee Falls rd. Our property by Priest Lake. I find that I’m enjoying it immensely. It’s been fun going down memory lane. I hope I’m getting my facts straight, but I was just a little girl then. Some memories are hazy. I wasn’t ready for this before, but now it’s doing my heart good.

Well, I better get back to work, trying to type 7,000 to 10,000 words a week. I pray my fingers will be given wings of speed and my mind will be clear, thinking with wisdom.  God bless…