Style Studio in Rathdrum Idaho, A Friendly Hair Salon

17918898_10158621586610311_1974987062_nIn Rathdrum Idaho, there is a cute little hair salon called Style Studio right off of highway 41. The owner, Beth Davis, is a stylist and nail specialist. She is very friendly and her place 17918575_1954773821419300_2045569283_ngives a feel of comfort and welcome. I found her charm to be refreshing and her joking-side amusing, plus- I love my new haircut. Beth also offers her clients’ drinks (including wine and beer) and she also offers snacks. Her prices are really reasonable. I will return!

Check out Style Studio’s website and prices- 11081065_1424797531149221_1373314632330839331_n

I’m writing this article because I believe in supporting all good small businesses, plus I found out it was her Birthday- “Happy Birthday Beth!”

If you’re in the area look Style Studio up! I was not disappointed- I don’t think you will be either. 😉

Beth is looking to hire a licensed cosmetologist full or part time- your preference. It is in a busy location and it includes towels, laundry, and backbar.

Contact Beth at Style Studio’s website or call (208)641-9043

HE Olsen 🙂



ANCESTOR OF THE DAY: King of Scythia, Bathath Farssaidh

The ancestor of the day doesn’t have much information about his life other than that he was the king of the Scythians. If we choose to write a book on him it will have to be total fiction. If we do write about him I would like to gather information before and after his time, also what else we can dig up that went on around his time. This would give me an idea of Bathath and who he might have been. My cousin A.A. Kelly is doing a great job with her research.


Picture found on Pintrest

ANCESTOR OF THE DAY: King of Scythia, Bathath Farssaidh

There is a surprising lack of information on this guy. I looked at many web sites and there was barely a snippet about him anywhere, although most websites went on to talk about the origins and culture of Scythia which is interesting. As I work through our Scythian King ancestors, I am going to insert a small piece of history about the Scythian land and history.

Bathath Farssaidh, King of Scythia is the 1st son of Magog and the one that our line descends from (supposedly). Understand I assert all this information loosely as it cannot be proved scientifically. Anyways he was born circa -2500 and died in Scythia. As I stated yesterday, according to the 11th century “Lebor Gabala Erenn” (Book of the Invasions of Ireland) and the 17th century “Annals of the Four Masters”, Bathath and his 3 brothers were the ancestors of the Irish kings. From “The origin and stem of the Irish Nation” by John O’Hart, it states, “Boath, (Bathath), one of the sons of Magog; to whom Scythia came as his lot, upon the division of the Earth by Noah amongst his sons, and by Japhet of his part thereof amongst his sons.”

From Wikipedia: “Scythia was a region of Central Eurasia in classical antiquity, occupied by the Eastern Iranian Scythians, encompassing parts of Eastern Europe east of the Vistula River and Central Asia, with the eastern edges of the region vaguely defined by the Greeks. The Ancient Greeks gave the name Scythia (or Great Scythia) to all the lands north-east of Europe and the northern coast of the Black Sea. “

Hope you are enjoying your trip through Scythia!

Researched and Authored by A.A. Kelly

Thank you for being interested in my family history,

H.E. Olsen

Magog- Ancestor of the Day…

How many people can say that they can trace their ancestors all the way back to Noah of the bible? Well, My Cousin has accomplished this. I have found complete amazement by what my Cousin has been digging up that I have asked if I can share. We are also going to co-author a series of fictional books based off the ancestors from our direct line. My Cousin enjoys the research and I enjoy writing books. This will be fun!

I know that many could trace back to this ancestor, we all are branches off of Noah- this is my belief. However, I love seeing and comparing other beliefs and finding similarities. Since my lineage is of Irish, Scottish, and Norwegian decent, my Cousin and I will share what is found by their stories and beliefs as well.

Enjoy the ancestor of the day, a very good candidate for our first book in the series!

ANCESTOR OF THE DAY: Magog (Irish Version- researched by my cousin);


By Johannes Magnus (1488-1544) – Gothorum Suenorumque historia, Public Domain, 

There are many legends of Magog, although the Hebrew and Irish legends seem to be the most well known. Our family traces back to the Irish version of Magog. In Wikipedia it states that in the Hebrew Bible Magog may be individuals, peoples, or lands.

Irish legend and mythology references an ancient Irish text called “Lebor Gabala Erenn” (The Book of Invasions) and explains Magog as the son of Japheth, son of biblical Noah of the flood. Folklore states that he is the father of the Irish race and the progenitor of the Scythians, as well as numerous other races across Europe and Central Asia.

According to the book, “Irish Orientalism: A Literary and Intellectual History”, before the 18th century, the Irish were rarely seen as Celts. In the Nineteenth century, many writers began to recognize and affirm the Celtic traditions of Ireland. The scholars of Europe had long understood that the ancient celts were descended from Scythia, therefore the connection was drawn that they were descendants of Magog, son of Japheth (one of the three sons of Noah), and related to the Gauls, descendants of another of is sons, Gomer (the eldest son of Japheth). Although many references state that this information is based on folklore and was an attempt for the Irish/Gaelic people to fit their origins into biblical ties.

Scythia Minor in ancient times was the region surrounded by the north and west side of the Danube and the east side of the Black Sea. It is today the land of Dobrogea, with some land in Romania and part in Bulgaria.

So anyways, that is just some background history. According to the GENI program, for our purposes, Magog is the legendary ancestor of the Irish kings. According to the Bible, one of Noah’s grandsons was Magog. Biblical scholars generally believe that Magog was intended to be the ancestor of the Scythians, north of the Black Sea. Magog has biblical sons, but Irish legend gives him 4 other sons with different names (although there are similarities to the biblical names). Their names were Bathath, Faithechta, Jobbath and Emoth. According to the 11th century “Lebor Gabala Erenn”, and the 17th Century “Annals of the Four Masters”, these sons were the ancestors of the Irish kings.

These lines from the Irish kings back to Adam and Eve entered the genealogical mainstream in the works of John O’Hart (1824-1902). They now appear in thousands of Internet genealogies, but cannot be considered an authentic tradition which means, that it is considered to be the stuff of legend and folklore.

Magog was born in -2761 and died in -2675 which would have made him 86 years old. (There are many tidbits about Magog on the internet if anyone wants to explore more)

…I will post more ancestors as I find time…


A Positive Interpretation About the Wolf Symbol

{037E0A23-7CC1-4477-B30C-02EEA895BC66}-1003058_707879609237885_1219893565_n[1]…A few months ago I had a dream where I was about 8 months pregnant and lying in a white tub filled with clear water. Through the pains of pregnancy it felt refreshing. Then, all the sudden, I was lying in the forest giving birth. I felt in danger. A gray wolf ran at me snarling and growling. I was afraid at first. But then it jumped over me and stopped. It backed up while growling and barking toward the shadowy forest. I realized it was protecting me, there was a positive connection. I could sense the evil out there pursuing me. A human figure approached but the wolf wouldn’t let it near me. I then woke from my dream. This dream has been at the back of my mind for a while. I decided to look into the symbols of the dream this morning. I was blown away and amazed. The tub and water represent a washing and purification. Water symbolizes the word of God. Being 8 months pregnant symbolizes a new start, a new job, or new ministry …a new something being formed. Since I’m close to birthing in my dream it will be soon as in just a few months, or within a year. But as I lie in the forest giving birth, with the wolf, I was confused. The bible uses the wolf symbol as something negative. Like, a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It warns us of the wolf. The wolf in my dream was a positive force not a negative one. I have been learning lately that everything has a positive side or a negative one. So, since I couldn’t find a positive side in the bible I decided to look for the positive characteristics of the wolf. God made all creatures so therefor they all have good symbols. But evil does it’s best to rule also using creatures as evil symbols. With every down there is an up, hot to cold, and in to out. There is always an opposite, two sides. I decided to also see how they are viewed by other beliefs. I decided to do this since all spiritual beliefs are founded by the same foundation whether flawed or not, truth or untruth. I relied on the Holy Spirit and the sense of truth from the bible. This is what I perceived as I read and studied an article published by Loner Wolf (I had to decipher through what affected me, what was truth, and what was untruth about certain belief systems that this article gives. I changed or added some words, which are not italicized, to show how divine characteristics could be added to the wording that jumped out connecting to me.) This is what I got from Loner Wolf….

The personality traits of the Wolf are those of powerful instinct, intuition and high intelligence.  The Wolf roams the wild with a thirst for freedom, working within a social environment.

A wolf represents a Strong connection with your instincts/Holy Spirit or intuition/God’s will.

It also represents High intelligence, Loyalty, communication, and Deep desire for freedom (there is freedom through Jesus, through forgiveness, and through truth).

With the use of body movement, touch, eye contact and vocal sounds, wolves engage with other wolves constantly.  If you dream of a Wolf, you and the wolf connecting in a positive way, you’re most likely good at expressing yourself verbally and physically.  Often it’s the case that people with the Wolf symbol are naturally eloquent in speech, or are good at creative writing. A Wolf’s main trait is its sharp instinct, a Wolf symbol could be trying to tell you that you’re misguided in your trust for someone or it may be warning you to listen more often to your instincts/Holy Spirit or intuition/Gods will and to be loyal to yourself and God.

Perceiving the Wolf symbol is your unconscious’ /spiritual way of letting you know that it might be feeling vulnerable; that you might have revealed too much to someone about yourself, and now your sense of freedom feels bounded by the predatory mistrust of that person. It may also signify that the people you’re trying to connect with at the moment are making you feel afraid.

Mistrust doesn’t always have to do with other people.  Sometimes our mistrust and lack of loyalty is towards ourselves and God.  For example, maybe you’re not listening to your ‘communicative’/ spiritual traits of verbal or written expression, or perhaps you’re not behaving in a loyal biblical self-loving way with yourself. Wolves are wild animals, they are beautiful creatures of mystery that cannot be domesticated.  If a Wolf appears to you in a certain period of your life when you’re in doubt of the changes that are happening, it can be reassuring you that the path you’re taking is the right one, and that you’re being loyal to your instincts/ God’s will.

Equally, if the Wolf presents itself in a moment in life where you feel stuck, it might be reminding you that you’re a free wild creature, that you can deviate from whatever path you are currently on and become a ‘lone Wolf’ if necessary in order to pursue your dreams/ Gods will.

(I have no idea if this was alright to do sense this isn’t my literary work but I had to share how this study affected me spiritually. I needed to show how It went through my mind as I read the article.)

Given my circumstances and the way my life is headed most of this fits to a T. My first book is in the process of being birthed. I have gone through a spiritual cleaning and continue to seek to purify myself. I love creative writing. I have told people of my direction and they have turned and tried to use it against me. I have felt stuck by my circumstances and by people. I have been in doubt about some changes and I have been holding back on some issues in my book due to fear, I struggle with fear due to the people around me. I have people around me who are trust worthy and who are not trust worthy. I have been battling against all of this. I’ve felt strongly pulled to this wolf symbol, now I know this wolf symbol had so much to say. I am going down the right path God has for me. I have been mostly a lone wolf in pursuing God’s will for my life.  I do not need to fear the enemy, God is with me, He has placed protection over me … “For if God is for me who can be against me!” I have found freedom in Jesus, forgiveness, and truth. I will continue and allow the Holy Spirit to guide me. I will write all that I feel lead to say, I will no longer hold back. This journey has been very enlightening.

Have you had a dream that strongly felt like it was calling to you? That when you woke up it impacted you in some way?  …whether silly or not… There is meaning behind a dream. Share your dream if you dare! 🙂

Author H.E. Olsen

Bad Case of Daydreams

301_6654I always have been bad at daydreaming. I would daydream on the bus and through school. I remember a time when I sat on the bus with a friend, Michelle. We were so wrapped in our daydreaming that we forgot we spent the whole day at school. When we came back to reality we were confused about the direction the bus was going?

Another laughable moment, that I remember, is when I was taking my dinner dishes to the sink. Of course I lost myself along the way and ended up in the laundry room!

Just recently, my son, the middle child, found the kid toothpaste in the fridge. I know it was me because I remember picking it up to put it away. I don’t remember putting in the fridge. I do remember daydreaming.

Daydreaming, lately, has been getting bad. Now that I’m an author working on books my mind is continually going. Lord, help my family …he he he.

Do you have a daydreaming story? I would love to read about them.