Beyond the Birth of Jesus


The Nativity story is found in Matthew chapters 1-2

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Joseph, a man of God, was tossing and turning stressing over the condition of his betrothed Mary, in their world of strict traditions- to be pregnant without a husband brought shame to one’s home and a reason to cancel the commitment of marriage. Joseph felt deep inside that Mary was no longer a virgin.

To be a virgin is to be pure, to have no blemish. Demons use the act of sex to create havoc spiritually and mentally which can affect us physically. When our acts of sex are not done in love, true love, it allows strongholds for demons to grasp on to. Mary, a virgin who was with child, was pure.

Joseph Loved Mary. He didn’t want to lose her. Besides the blood line of David I believe God saw this love and knew that they could handle the situation and circumstances that would be placed on them by Mary’s pregnancy. He saw their love for Him and the Love for each other. Theirs is a true love story.

God saw Joseph’s restlessness and confusion. He sent an angel to comfort him. Joseph finally drifted to sleep. In his sleep he entered the world of dreams- a place where the spiritual realm can communicate to our physical forms. This angel appeared with the glory of heaven behind him and before him.

The Angel gently spoke, “Joseph, son of David, do not be afraid to take to you Mary your wife, for that which is conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.”

The name Jesus stands for ‘the messiah’, and ‘the Christ’ which refers to the anointed one, the central being of Christianity. Jesus is the center of the trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Ghost) and he was a little infant inside a woman that was pure.

Joseph woke from his dream with new revelation and a desire for the will of God. He took Mary as wife then left for Bethlehem for the census. Even though Mary was his wife Joseph did not know her intimately until the child was born (Even in a marriage of true love the act of sex can be smeared with feelings and emotions not made out of true love giving the demonic an opening to work). Mary’s womb stayed pure.

The worldly view of a prince being born would be in a castle surrounded by royalty and servants, not Jesus. Jesus, the prince of peace, was born in a barn, laid in a manger with hay, animals, dust, and manure.

Here is a precious baby with no generational curse attached to Him. An infant wrapped in swaddling clothes that held an innocence of heavenly divinity. God had a reason for this lowly birth. He wanted to show the world that our clothing and circumstances do not matter. What we hold inside us are of true richness and treasury. Inside each one of us there is a light that can shine brighter than the gems in the night sky.

At the birth of this Good Shepherd an Angel appeared before shepherds living in the same country who kept watch over their flock out in the fields.

The Angel joyfully said to them, “Do not be afraid, for behold, I bring you good tidings of great joy which will be to all people. For there is born to you this day in the city of David a Savior, who is Christ the Lord. And this will be the sign to you: You will find a Babe wrapped in swaddling cloths, lying in a manger.” (Luke 2)

And suddenly there was with the angel a multitude of the heavenly host praising God and saying:

“Glory to God in the highest,
And on earth peace, goodwill toward men!”

The shepherds, in awe, excitedly go in search for this precious baby.

I’m now seeing that being born in a manger also allows one comfort to come unto the lord. This humble birth gives place to acceptance. If Jesus were born in a castle surrounded by guards and slaves this would not have brought acceptation but division.

While Joseph and Mary enjoyed the antics of this infant son- (Who isn’t going to coo and caw over a baby?) God had a plan to set into place gifts, physical gifts to represent the spiritual. Three wise men came to bring gifts to the baby Jesus. These gifts though in physical form, were rich gifts. They also represented the richness of His spiritual gifts. One wise man brought gold- gold is associated with illumination, love, compassion, courage, passion, miracles, and wisdom. Gold is a precious metal that is associated with wealth, grandeur, and prosperity. (Remember this applies to our spiritual gifts not our physical forms of circumstances, finances, and popularity- though the physical side will definitely be blessed by the spiritual side.) The second wise man brought frankincense. Frankincense (the best is pure white but some can have the color of yellow) represents an emblem of prayer, whiteness, cleanliness personified, the ultimate in purity, light, goodness, innocence, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety. White has a positive connotation- righteousness, holy power, Spirit of the Lord, and angels. Yellow represents positive-hope, faith, strength, and gifts from God. The third wise man brought myrrh. Myrrh is the first mentioned ingredient in the holy anointing oil. Myrrh is part of the custom of the Jews to give those who were condemned to death by crucifixion (Mark 15:23) It is rich brown or reddish-yellow, brown represents Humility, compassion, pastoral color. Red represents Blood atonement, sacrifice, power, anointing, and wisdom for battle. Yellow again represents positive-hope, faith, strength, and gifts from God. The fragrant resin is obtained from some species of the “rock rose”, the usual varieties being with pink petals, and white petals. Pink represents Positive- Child-like love, or faith. White again represents purity, righteousness, holy power, Spirit of the Lord, angels and the garments of Heaven.

These three wise men show up as Joseph and Mary held the infant and most likely were listening to the story the Shepherds were probably telling about the miraculous happenings they experienced.

I often have always pictured a somber atmosphere surrounding the baby Jesus, one where everyone is quiet and constantly bowing. Getting to know human nature through psychology I’m now sure that was not the case, maybe the wise men, but defiantly not the shepherds. I like the picture of maybe a wise man or two having a bit of humor.

The scene at the manger was probably one of storytelling and rejoicing. With each telling of their stories there were most likely tingles running up and down the spine giving off excitement where each individual reacted in their own way of praise, worship, and rejoicing. I now see a happy and festive atmosphere surrounding Jesus’ birth.

“The virgin will conceive and bear a son, and they will call him Emmanuel, meaning God With Us.”

Jesus came to change the world, to cross the lines of tradition and make believe. He came to give life, hope, love, peace, and joy. He was not poor- he had riches (wealth, family, and friends) but He left them behind to be the Good Shepherd yearning to find the lost sheep.

His birth put into motion the conditions of our rebirth. To become born again through the salvation of Christ Jesus our Lord means we accept and partake of all His gifts. When we choose the Will of God over our fleshly will we walk in the comfort and protection of the Holy Spirit.

Every word that is written in the Bible- the physical and supernatural has a deeper spiritual meaning- from the Old Testament to after the birth of Jesus. We need to see beyond the words. So, when you think about the birth of Jesus this Christmas, look beyond His birth into the deeper meaning it resembles for your spirituality.

Give thanks and praise for the gifts the baby Lord Jesus has bestowed upon you from His birth alone.

H.E. Olsen




A Nation United or Divided

I know many are so tired of all the posts going on but I want to take this time to write as a third party, stepping out, viewing two boxed-in worlds. I will be viewing these two worlds as a Christian, a mother, and with love.

I’ve been reading and watching many political posts on facebook for the last couple of days. My heart has become broken for our nation. I’m not going to share who I voted for because of the division it creates from differing views. I love my family and friends regardless of who they voted for. My relationship to family and friends are above my emotions and thoughts on who they chose. I respect them enough to respect their choice.

I have not been one who has talked much of politics. I have, however, addressed fear, hate, and hurt. These three issues seem to be flying extremely high. I shake my head, Sitting at my table, scrolling facebook with my laptop. I almost want to turn it all off and not come back for a long while. I then happen onto a young woman’s post. A person I remember as a child- who I babysat in my early 20’s.  Her post touched me deeply.


Rachel Matlock wrote,

“I have to say that I feel like we have lost something by not being able to disagree with our friends and family. I’ve seen a lot of post saying things along the lines of, “If you voted for this person I hate you!” or “If you voted for this person you’re not a Christian!” and “If you voted for this person please unfriend me and stop following my page!”- The truth of the matter is we have lost both maturity and intellectual capacity if we have come to a point where our political views can condemn our friendships. If we are consistently around people who continually agree with our point of view how do we grow? How do we learn to reason, empathize, utilize common sense, research, and exercise our intellects with the gaining of knowledge and application thereof? More than the state of our minds what does it say about our hearts? Are we so selfish as a people group that we can’t choose to love someone and empathize with them while still respectfully disagreeing? I think we can. There are many things I think are disgusting, for instance modern comedy. But I can still appreciate that my sister and father and friends like to watch comedies and I am grateful that they sometimes accommodate me by not watching a comedy when I watch television with them, but when they want to watch a comedy and I don’t the option is for me to suck it up and join in or leave. I still love them and every once in a while they watch a comedy that I actually enjoy and we come to a common understanding even if in general I disagree with them about what is comical. It breaks my heart that we have given up the ability as a people to reasonably disagree with one another while maintaining love for one another and respect for people’s opinions. It boggles my mind to think that people are so petty as to destroy valuable friendships and other relationships because they disagree about something. I understand that Politics are a huge controversy because they direct the course our nation will take not just for the next four years but for the next generation, and the generations following. However, I have not once seen a dispute or debate about politics in which people did not speak over one another or feel the need to use raised voices, or humiliate, disrespect, and ignore the other people involved. I think it’s selfish. I think Americans have spent way too much time trying to figure out how to love themselves and not enough time learning how to show love for their neighbors. Maybe if we had- things would be a whole lot different. What I know is that I will be the change I want to see, and I will pray because I trust a God who is bigger than anything this world has to say”.

Bravo Rachel! Her heart beats in the right place. Reading here post brings my mind to think on the word ‘Christian.’ What is the meaning of the name Christian? It stands for being Christ like. It’s about having a relationship and growing in Christ. That’s it! Who is Christ? He is the Son of God who came to serve and die for us all- friend or foe. He even healed the ear of an enemy. He came to bring comfort, healing, and love- to light the world with life. This means that both presidential candidates can have legit Christians. Being a Christian has nothing to do with who we vote for; this has to do with what we chose to believe about each candidate and what views we have accepted. Humans complicate Christianity through religion and expectations. Humans then become frustrated and let down from their own sense of right and wrong developed by one’s own beliefs. I will be the first to admit that I have had a closed mind from my own beliefs. This type of closed mindedness almost destroyed me. I have since grown to a maturity that allows me to step out and step back and view things on a grander scale. While I study Psychology and mental illness I’m becoming more and more aware of how lost people can become. How our emotions can blind us when we think and react from emotion alone. While all this was going through my head I came across a post that brought me to think how our actions cause reactions. I can see why republicans or other decided to take a stand.


“We did it with ballots, not bullets”

Dear Democrats and Liberals,
I’m noticing that a lot of you aren’t graciously accepting the fact that your candidate lost. In fact you seem to be posting even more hateful things about those of us who voted for Trump. Some of you are apparently “triggered”. Because you are posting how “sick” you feel about the results…
How did this happen you ask.

How did this happen you ask?

You created “us” when you attacked our freedom of speech.

You created “us” when you attacked our right to bear arms.

You created “us” when you attacked our Christian beliefs.

You created “us” when you constantly referred to us as racists.

You created “us” when you constantly called us xenophobic.

You created “us” when you told us to get on board or get out of the way.

You created “us” when you forced us to buy health care and then financially penalized us for not participating.

You created “us” when you allowed our jobs to continue to leave our country.

You created “us” when you attacked our flag.

You created “us” when you confused women’s rights with feminism.

You created “us” when you began to emasculate men.

You created “us” when you decided to make our children soft.

You created “us” when you decided to vote for progressive ideals.

You created “us” when you attacked our way of life.

You created “us” when you decided to let our government get out of control.

“You” created “us” the silent majority. And we became fed up and we pushed back and spoke up. And we did it with ballots, not bullets.


On this post, I have to say, the majority looks to be republican. But, I’m not so sure because I know of a few democrats or liberals who voted republican because they were not impressed with the direction our country has taken in the last decade. Many want drastic change. Media tries to say that it’s the college uneducated white male that made up the majority. What is the meaning of college? College is a place of learning where a group of individuals study and learn for a special purpose. This just means that one goes to school to further study their choice of career. This does not make them smarter. They only become knowledgeable of their career choice. I once met a city couple who went to college and they didn’t even know that an egg came from a chicken. You can imagine the fun I had as I explained how chicken’s poop out the egg. I’m not sure if they’ll eat eggs again but this goes to show that one will not know all- college educated or not. Ranchers and farmers who were raised in that life style do not need to further seek an education after high school unless they want to further their learning in a specific area. There are jobs and careers that don’t call for college learning skills. This doesn’t make them any more or less educated than anyone else. Every person excels in some areas while they lack in others. THIS, nation, is why we all need each other. We, the people- no matter what we believe, are family. America is our home. A house divided will not stand and neither will a nation. I also see that the word ‘white’ is brought up. I want to say, “Um, But- excuse me, I see people of many color on both sides. That doesn’t really stick!” It’s amazing how warped things can become.

I move on and continue scrolling facebook. I continue to see a lot of hateful outbursts from both sides. I see unhappy posts but respectful from few friends. I see joyous yet humble from a few others. I see many people from both sides complaining about the hateful posts, videos, and actions, coming from both sides. I soon happened onto a post from a long ago friend.

Lester Crutcher wrote,

“My take-away from this election- Uncertainty breeds anxiety and fear. Fear cripples, divides and creates extremes. I’m certain what makes America great is We-the-People. If you, me, and we actively listen to one another common ground will be found. Lady Liberty’s foundation will remain strong and her light will kindle bright in the hearts and minds of the people. My hope is in its people from the founding fathers (our constitution, bill of rights, etc.) and to the millennials (our future). If the young listen to the wisdom of the old and the old listen to the new ideas of the young we will have the makings of a bright future. Peace is made by listening to opposing views and finding common ground. Everyone wants to be respected and listening is the key to respecting our fellow Americans. I will do my little part to give respect to those I believe to be wrong and or whom I don’t understand by actively listening to hear where they are coming from. Side note: when people know you care then they may hear. Give respect to get respect through a simple daily exercise of listening to let people know you care enough to hear them. We all have bias to some degree or another therefore listening has the power to shrink the gap that divides. The profound power of the tongue that divides can be harnessed by the quite power of the ear. I’ll be the first to admit I have a lot of listening and learning to do.”

FEAR is right! Fear creates a lot of negativity. Fear is a powerful emotion that allows little room but to react in a negative way. Fear is a controlling factor. One can be controlled by fear and one can control by using fear. This is not done out of love and it doesn’t allow choice. People won’t change if they don’t want to change. We can’t force people to behave. Also, those who choose to miss-behave have no one to blame but themselves for the consequences caused by their choice. I can, however, love and show respect. I can have integrity for one and all. I can listen to both sides. I can pray and hope. I can do these things no matter who is president.

God Bless,

H.E. Olsen

Powerful Currents


trying pic 010

“This article WOW-ed me!”

I love sitting on a porch during a lighting storm with the breezes and winds whipping around me. The loud thunder shaking the house is exciting. The most beautiful part to me, and dangerous, is the lightning. Thinking of lightning I picture its energy residing in the earth flowing deep in currents. Then Lightning comes bursting from the ground and reaches the dark clouds in a blink of an eye. The world lights up with a bright blue light. Lightning has such powerful electricity that when it’s close I can feel my hair rise. I started thinking how God’s energy is also powerful. Could it be that the same currents in God’s energy be the same as lightning’s energy? This had me thinking of the Old Testament when Moses stood before God on Holy ground. I know he felt the energy, I bet his hair stood on end and if he touched someone he would have given the best electricity shock of a lifetime. I remembered reading how people fell down dead in the presence of God. Those that lived had to cleanse themselves of sin before entering His presence. I then thought of the people who have been struck by lightning. How some lived and some have died. Could it be a heart condition? Could it be that the ones purer in heart are the ones who survive and the ones with a darker heart die? An interesting thought- but who knows? God, through His energy, made the world- so wouldn’t there be something here to resemble that very same energy? When we watch lightning could we be seeing physical evidence that connects this world with the spiritual? I remember that there was a pillar of fire guiding Moses and God’s people out of bondage. Was that pillar of fire more of a lightning bolt or a blue-ish white fire flickering with electricity? I do know that the blue-ish white light of lightning shines brighter and reaches further than the warm glow of a fire. I don’t think the soft glow of a fire would have reached all of God’s people, but the blue-ish white energy light, Just as lightning, would. With these thoughts in my head for the next couple of days, I find myself reading about the energy creating electricity with positive and negative charges in the human body.

A month ago I just happen to buy a psychology book at a yard sale because of my interest in mental illness and behavioral psychology. I’m amazed how certain things seem to fall right into place for me. I’m still amazed that after all my questions on this subject, I find myself reading about the electro currents within the human body.

I started picturing the human body as a source of electrical currents. Electricity is created by some form of energy source. From whatever charges I feed my body it will create different levels of currents. The wellness of the human body, mental state, and spiritual state all depends on these currents. The human body, mental state, and spiritual state work together as one, Just like God the father, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three but untied as one. The body, mental, and spiritual are three different functions but feed off each other. Everything in our world is an echo of God’s world. Why do you think the Bible tells us to pray, “Let it be here on earth as it is in Heaven.” Our human bodies and human lives can resemble that which is meant for us in Heaven. We can echo our Heavenly forms.

Just as lightning is connected to the power of God the electro currents inside us can strongly connect us to Godly spirituality. Jesus is our plug-in. To find the right current we need to receive the energy of God. God’s energy is life, love, and light. It is holy and good. God’s energy brings positive charges that will feed into the currents of our lives. I’m not just talking about lifting hands and swaying back and forth, this is spiritual food and good for the soul, but we need to feed the mental form also. This is why the Bible tells us to look for the good in all situations. When we focus on the good in life we train our mind to see the good and be positive. Our physical form needs real healthy food and vitamins to be healthy. We become or are what we feed our body, the physical, mental, and spiritual.

What we feed our body will determine our health in the future. When we eat the right food, exercise in moderation- without over doing it, and feed our minds with good things- love and forgiveness, we won’t become so ill and sick. Our bodies won’t be so acceptable to disease. However, if we live on junk food our bodies react to it with negative currents. It can break down the human body where it will be hard to fight sicknesses and illnesses. The body won’t be getting all it needs to function properly. This in turn will send the mind into stresses, depressions, and struggles. This breaks the body down further. The negative current gets stronger. When the negative current gets this far it’s hard for the spirituality to find any form of peace. This is when we feel that God is nowhere in our lives. We can often call out, Why me!” or, “Where are you God!” By our own choices we can create a negative current were we block God from our lives. What we sew we will reap.

It doesn’t matter which function starts the process of creating negative currents, the other functions will soon follow. Our own mind-set can be a big factor in our depressions, struggles, and unhealthy lives. Depending on personalities, emotions, and how our mind has been trained we can fall into an unhealthy mental pattern that can keep going in circles. This is where we feel that we are on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Our currents are going up and down. While our mind is sending negative signals we can get the munchies, and we can block our spiritual energies. We need to reset our mind-set to a more positive electro wave. I have learned to ask emotions why? There were times in my past that someone’s actions would get me flustered, angry, or hurt. I have since realized that I’m not in charge of other people’s choices, words, or actions- even if directed at me. I am in charge of my choice to be more positive, or to wallow in the negative. I am in charge of what currents I allow to energize me. God has given all of us this choice. Satan will do his best to have his demons entice us to stay negative. I say entice because they play around allowing us to think things are good because they feel good or seem good to our human nature. Satan and his demons won’t give a choice. They like to control and power.

Satan wants the negative current to run strongly in the body. He wants to twist our God given choices to block God, just like he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He wants us to live in darkness. He wants us to be sickly and weak. He does his best to blind us to God’s truth. I pray that we will have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, a mind to fully understand God’s truth, and a mouth to boldly tell satan and his demons to get behind us by the blood of Christ. I also pray by the blood of Christ that those who read this will find the positive current to God’s energy and be connected spiritually to their Heavenly form.

Have a blessed journey!

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Relationships, Marriage, and Divorce

loves tear 001

A couple Monday’s ago I was served with papers to appear at court concerning my younger Brother-in-laws kids. My Brother-in-law, who I don’t really get along with, and his Ex, who was enjoyable to be around but I never trusted, were never married. They lived with each other and had three beautiful blond haired and blue eyed dolls. Because the Ex left my Brother-in-law four years ago with my two nieces the kids were court ordered to be at my in-laws, where I live, for daycare. The Ex has since went back to my Brother-in-law about three times over the last three years and ended up pregnant with another child. My nephew is now three. This last year the Ex chose to move 50 miles away without communicating her plans, she even bought a new phone and ended all contacts with us a few months before she took the kids and left- one day the kids were here the next day they were gone. This place has been a home to those kids, a place of security from their own parent’s insecure worlds. Five days a week those kids were here from sunrise to sunset and sometimes after dark. They had their Papa, Nana, Uncle, Aunty, and cousins as a constant in their lives. The grandparents provided clothing and food and took care of the kids. The kids were healthy and happy here. The Ex had me served to try to prove that this place was unfit for her kids to justify what she did.

I have never been to court before but I guess I did alright. Sitting at the center of attention was a bit intimidating and having to talk into a microphone didn’t help any either. Most of you know that I have a bit of stage fright. The Ex’s lawyer did her job well. She tried to be intimidating, but to me she wasn’t intimidating at all. There’s an ex-drill sergeant at home who loves to interrogate often. I’m thankful for the practice.

Sitting on the stand I was shocked by the things the Ex was accusing the family of. It was obvious that she was grasping for straws. I now see the Ex as someone who is evil. She is someone who wants power, control, and money. She accused me of lying and I believe that she does believe this, but her facts were wrong or I just didn’t remember because she was dragging things up from so long ago- even before the kids were born. Whatever the case may be, I knew that she lied about a few things so for her to accuse me while she was doing it was hypocritical.

I was so angry by the time I was done that I sat out in the hall just mumbling. Then I started thinking about the kids. Parents going through separation often do not think about the kids. While they are fighting and bickering back and forth only thinking of themselves, wanting the power or money, they don’t see the hurt and pain the kids go through. Well, this aunt has watched her Brother-in-law’s kids and has seen a big unhealthy change in their personalities. The kids love their mom and their dad and they need both in their lives. Every family has problems- but we need to work through these problems not tare each other apart. This world is falling apart because the heart of this world resides in the family- the home. Broken families and broken homes means broken world. It’s a domino effect.

I’m going to share what I’ve learned on how an unhealthy relationship can affect everyone…

God has laid this subject on my heart some time ago but I wasn’t sure on how to go about sharing this topic. So many people are divorced, remarried, and living in an unhealthy relationship. I’m not going to give my own feelings about divorce but I’m going to share my thoughts and what the Bible says about Marriage, divorce, and such.

Genesis 2: 22-24

Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

The man said, “This is now bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh; she shall be called ‘woman,’ for she was taken out of man.”

That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh.

Marriage is not only a document, a piece of paper that binds two people together, marriage is a soul-tie between two people that unites them as one. This soul-tie is completely binding. Two halves become one whole.

Matthew 19: 4:6

 So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.

God didn’t put these guidelines in place to harm us but to protect us. He wants what’s best for us. With these guidelines we breathe life, but when we step out of these guidelines we bring death into our lives. A marriage is a form of a promise and a verbal commitment to each other besides a signed document. God frowns on broken commitments and promises. God doesn’t give these guidelines because He wants to be cruel. These guidelines are there to protect us from pain and suffering, from bringing curses into our lives.

There was one time I was watching my brother-in-laws kids, years ago. The youngest niece, who was 3 at the time, decided to be rebellious. It was winter time and there was a fire in the wood stove. She was standing by the stove and a look came over her face that said, “I have to touch!”

I looked directly at her and barked her name. I demanded, “Don’t touch that stove, it will hurt!”

She looked at me and gave me a smug and defiant look. She pointed her finger with a smirk and quickly touched the stove. She then cried out in pain.

By human nature we become rebellious and defiant. We want to follow our emotions and give God the finger. God gives us instructions on how to live a peaceful and good life but we want to touch the fire just like my niece. We then want to blame God for our pain after we made the choice to touch the fire.

Go back to the saying, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Through the hardness of our hearts God allowed divorce. Divorce is to only occur when a spouse is unfaithful through sexual acts.

Malachi 2:16

“For the Lord God of Israel says that He hates divorce, For it covers one’s garment with violence,” Says the Lord of hosts. “Therefore take heed to your spirit, that you do not deal treacherously.”  

God hates divorce because it causes a tearing in the soul. It brings pain, hatred, and jealousies. It causes a negativity that surrounds the whole family, especially the children. This negativity is not easily shaken off. It can torture the soul on both sides by a single act- A choice to divide. This choice can echo down from one generation to the next. Certain characteristics can be embedded into a personality that was used as a defense mechanism. This will be passed down and certain unhealthy characteristics can cause physical illnesses. This is called a generational curse. It can pass to the third and fourth generation. Don’t ever think that life is your own. Our choices affect everyone that is connected to us and our future generations.

Matthew 5: 32

But I say to you that whoever divorces his wife for any reason except sexual immorality causes her to commit adultery; and whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery.

I believe that God allowed divorce over sexual immorality because through a spouse being unfaithful the negativity is a lot stronger than the act of divorce itself. In this case divorce is the lesser of the two evils. Living with someone who is unfaithful can completely break the spirit. In a relationship where both spouses are unfaithful, and seem to be alright with this lifestyle, they are living outside of God’s will and will bring death through emotions or sickness in some form.

Every act outside of God’s will brings a curse. This includes sexual acts outside of marriage whether living with each other or not and much more. Furthermore, if we cause an offence we are outside of God’s will, but offences must come.

Matthew 18:7

Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!

In our world people are easily offended. I share this scripture because through divorce and separation offences come in tidal waves. I also know that living with an unfaithful spouse causes such an offense that it can bring someone to suicidal depression. It breaks my heart that marriage means so little to many. A marriage is supposed to represent the foundation of God’s perfect order. When it’s broken it isn’t of that order.

I want to look at, “Whoever marries a woman who is divorced commits adultery.” I now that there are many re-married people out there. From the first marriage a couple is united as one in a soul-tie. Even though they have made the decision to divorce the soul-tie still exists in a way. When someone marries a divorcee they are marrying someone with baggage. The past will be intertwined into this relationship. There will be competitions, unsure feelings, jealousies on all sides, and more offences. Plus, children who are involved will learn to play the parents against each other, feel forgotten, and struggle with being accepted in some form or way.

I know I sound like doomsday but not all is lost. Relationships can be put back on track. Remember the woman at the well-

John 4: 7-

A woman of Samaria came to draw water. Jesus said to her, “Give Me a drink.” For His disciples had gone away into the city to buy food.

Then the woman of Samaria said to Him, “How is it that You, being a Jew, ask a drink from me, a Samaritan woman?” For Jews have no dealings with Samaritans.

Jesus answered and said to her, “If you knew the gift of God, and who it is who says to you, ‘Give Me a drink,’ you would have asked Him, and He would have given you living water.”

The woman said to Him, “Sir, You have nothing to draw with, and the well is deep. Where then do You get that living water? Are You greater than our father Jacob, who gave us the well, and drank from it himself, as well as his sons and his livestock?”

Jesus answered and said to her, “Whoever drinks of this water will thirst again, but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”

The woman said to Him, “Sir, give me this water, that I may not thirst, nor come here to draw.”

Jesus said to her, “Go, call your husband, and come here.”

 The woman answered and said, “I have no husband.”

Jesus said to her, “You have well said, ‘I have no husband,’ for you have had five husbands, and the one whom you now have is not your husband; in that you spoke truly.”

The woman said to Him, “Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. Our fathers worshiped on this mountain, and you Jews say that in Jerusalem is the place where one ought to worship.”

Jesus said to her, “Woman, believe Me, the hour is coming when you will neither on this mountain, nor in Jerusalem, worship the Father. You worship what you do not know; we know what we worship, for salvation is of the Jews. But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

The woman said to Him, “I know that Messiah is coming” (who is called Christ). “When He comes, He will tell us all things.”

Jesus said to her, “I who speak to you am He.


John 8:10-11

 When Jesus had raised Himself up and saw no one but the woman, He said to her, “Woman, where are those accusers of yours? Has no one condemned you?”

 She said, “No one, Lord.”

And Jesus said to her, “Neither do I condemn you; go and sin no more.”

Wherever you’re lives are right now you don’t have to leave the person you’re with. If you want your life and relationships to breathe life and not death then repent and ask for forgiveness for the past mistakes- go and sin no more. Pray for wisdom to bring everyone into a healthy relationship, including past relationships. Build your relationships up with positive words and actions. Become a united front for the children who are involved in broken homes. No marriage is perfect, life isn’t perfect, but we need to do our best and to be our best. We need to love and inspire.

By H.E. Olsen

Your Family Tree


I have been really struggling with a heavy heart these last few weeks. This is not what I usually do but I’m going to rant a little- Family is important! Your whole family is a tree. I’m not talking about a normal family tree that show’s how you all are connected. I’m talking about a spiritual tree that lives and breathes. Every person in the family is responsible to keep this tree healthy and alive. It can take one family member to make the tree suffer, but- it can also take one family member who knows love to heal the tree.

Every family member is a root to this tree. Whatever is absorbed by the root becomes part of the tree. There may be some family members who feed hate and bitterness into this tree. This will cause some branches to die. When this happens the family members that have become the strong healthy roots need to lovingly prune back the dead branches to allow new growth. This tree will only survive if you work together, support each other, be there for each other when you need to, and to give time and space when needed. Time and space allows growth.

The family members who love, forgive, are peaceful, joyful, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and long-suffering – in working things out, will keep the tree alive. They are the gardeners. I see so many posts about if you don’t like the situation then run, if you don’t like the person then leave, and if you don’t like the path you’re on then choose a new one. What if God is using the situation, person, or path to mold your character? What if he’s trying to refine you into a jewel? If you run what becomes of it? Not only that- but what if you are the one needed in that life of the person or family member that you don’t like? What if you were placed in someone’s life because God saw that you have what they need to grow or heal? When we run we prevent the work of God. If you neglect and run from your garden it will die. Jesus did not run from the cross. He was tortured, called names, and abused. He stayed- we are to be Christ like. Think about your family members and how you’ve acted toward them. Only you can answer for yourself.

If you hold any bitterness, unforgiveness, and hate toward a family member it doesn’t just affect you. It affects all the family close to you and even some who are not so close. When family lets you down it hurts the worst. When they fight among themselves around you it creates frustration and the feeling of abandonment. The family tree quivers and shakes out of distress and leaves fall. Families need to heal and become strong again, whether if they are broken or torn apart- Divorced or remarried, this just means more people added to the family tree. We all need each other in some way or form.

Love and heal your family today!

H.E. Olsen

“I would love your comments on this post.”

*My next post will be about divorce and why God is against it and why he allowed it*

I Can Walk On Water


By H.E. Olsen

Matthew 14: 22-33

I’m listening to a song about walking on water. This song takes me back to when I lived with my parents on a river lot. I remember being a little girl trying to feel enough faith in me so I could walk on the water. I wanted to be just like Jesus. Of-course it failed. As a child I thought my faith was lacking. As an adult I see the meaning of Jesus walking on water so differently. It’s not actually about physically walking on water to me anymore. The way I see it now is more beautiful and inspiring then actually walking on water- although being able to physically walk on the water would be fun.

In my mind I can see clouds turning, wind blowing, and the stormy sea wavering up and down while Jesus strolls on the water to the boat. He is calm and at peace. He stands strong in the midst of this storm. Through this action Jesus is trying to show us how to live. He is trying to inspire us. There is more to this story than just walking on water.

Peter decided he wanted to walk on the water and meet Jesus. My kind of spontaneous thinker! I would have done the same. I would have thought, “Awesome! He’s walking on the sea. I want to do that too!” But Peter didn’t last very long. He started to struggle and he sank. Jesus had to pull him up.

With our human emotions it is very easy to sink. Life and people can pull us down through hurtful acts and our own fear. Our frustration of what we believe is not right or fair can also drag us down. We allow the ugliness of our world to sink us into the sea of destruction.

Cry out! Seek help! Jesus is waiting for us. Through Him we have the power to rise. All we have to do is reach for Him so he can pull us out.

Life is a stormy sea with the wind tossing hardships about. We can sink in misery or we can stand in the center of it all with a calm spirit that’s at peace. We can stay above the sea of emotional negativity. We can stand in strength and power against our hardships and struggles. We don’t have to allow them to toss us around or blow us down. It’s all in knowing and understanding our strength and power that we have in Jesus. Through this we can spiritually walk on water.

I went through my own hardship that sunk me to the bottom of the sea. Even though I was at the bottom Jesus still heard my cry. He pulled me to the light of the sky and saved me from self-destruction. I was mentally-ill but now I’m mentally whole. I am now walking on water with Jesus by my side. The storms and wind whipping around me no longer oppress me. My soul is still and I’m at peace.

I hope and pray that this post was enlightening and inspiring. I would love to get comments and your own personal story of overcoming a hardship. Thank you for reading!

Naphtali’s Story (A good Memorial Day read)



I haven’t seen Naphtali in 15 years. While I was skimming through my Facebook feed I came across her story. While I read her story I became heartbroken over the difficulties she’s had to face. I had to share! With Naphtali’s permission I’m sharing her story of pain, heartbreak, and courage. I also thank all the fallen soldiers who have died for this country. God Bless!

~H.E. Olsen

Click on the link to read Naphtali’s story:

Naphtali’s Story

Are you 1- 2-or 3…?

Our Actions Today Affect Our Future!

By H.E. Olsen

The way we act-out today and the choices we make will affect us in our future. Through our words and actions we create our own death, or we create our own life. We have the power of choice to choose. I have not always understood this- I’m just now beginning to see and understand this to the fullest. There are hateful words and actions I’ve chosen in my past that are affecting me today. People who hate me use them to try to bring me harm and destruction. I am no longer that person. I have overcome. I have grown. Even though my old actions are used against me, they no-longer affect me- but, they do affect the world around me. This has created disturbances in my life.

I want to share my understanding of the numbers written on the sphere in the picture. The sphere represents our personal bubble. Number one is good and bright- number three is dark and evil- and number two is anywhere in-between.

Please study picture before moving on…


  1. When we act out in love with kindness, gentleness, goodness, truth, and faithfulness we will experience peace and joy. When we stick to our commitments with long-suffering, be they good or bad we will be blessed, this also brings peace and joy. Emotions are strong and can pull us in many directions but when we have self-control this allows us to put a stop to the hateful and hurtful action that would cause harm, this also allows us to live in peace having joy.


“If you see yourself as a number one then you are mentally healthy and can stand in the midst of a storm with a smile on your face. You are strong spiritually and emotionally. You can ride the emotional waves and come out refreshed and new.”


  1. Number two covers a wide area. I believe that most of the human population exists in the number two area. Those closest to the top are happier and those who fall closer to the bottom struggle with more negative emotions. I find that in this area we can often zig and zag from top to bottom. Mental wellness exists but can become a struggle. Both the good and bad coexist which creates good and bad days –the highs and the lows. This is put into place by the good and bad choices we make or the good and bad words we speak. Out of the mouth come words of both Life and Death. The more the words of death and bad choices that are made- the stronger the pull down-wards. The more words of life and good choices the higher we are raised.


“If you see yourself as a number two you may look for anything that makes you happy or that makes you feel good. This is not always right. If what makes you happy and makes you feel good is selfish it will bring you down- eventually. But, if the happy-feel-good-sensation is not selfish, it being done in the goodness for all, than the ‘feeling’ will be lasting. It is up to you to know the difference.”


  1. Number three is a very dark place. Through depression I have been to this dark place. When we enter this place it’s very hard to get out of its grasp. This is a place where the haters live, the addicts, alcoholics, and such. Through hurt and pain caused by circumstances, others, or even by ourselves, we can turn to adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lewdness,idolatry, sorcery, hatred, contentions, jealousies, outbursts of wrath, selfish ambitions, dissensions, heresies, envy, murders, drunkenness, and revelries. We become bullies. We become great liars. We speak hardly of anything else but death. In turn we receive death. People will find it hard to be around us. The pull of the habits we form here are very strong. It takes a miracle to break its hold.


“If you see yourself as a number three you will often find yourself in denial or being self-righteous. You defend your way of life with a passion. You don’t want to see the truth about how you’re hurting yourself and others. You complain about your life without realizing that it’s possibly your fault and blame others. You will find that guilt, shame, being controlled or controlling to others, and misguided expectation will have dropped you in this darkness. You find yourself experiencing mental illness”


I, myself, have experienced all three places. When I was captive to number three I thought nothing would ever be right again. I was living in a dark place that blinded me to truth. When I saw and accepted the truth of my dark place, and chose to work on myself, I was able to rise. Through love, forgiveness, and hope I continued. I eventually reached number one. I learned that number one liberated me. I am free and through this freedom I am granted certain rights. This allows me to move forward using my bad action and words from the past to bring good to the future. I can share my struggles and what I’ve learned from the darkness to help others rise out of its gooey clutches.


 Galatians 5

“Love, true love, brings us closer to God.”

2017: A Limitless Life (HappyNewYear)

By H.E. Olsen

Unlimited (2)

It’s human nature to set limitations, to put limits in our relationships, throughout our emotions, and in or around everything that touches our lives.

I have lived in a world of limitations. I now sit at the center watching it destroy lives around me. I, myself, through past hurt, pain, fear, and out of frustrations have set limitations. Through the boundaries I created from these limitations I realized that this is all just another form of control. We try to control our world by placing limitations on people and emotions around us. We set boundaries to try to protect ourselves from the hurt and pain around us. The biggest limitation creator is fear. I have been so afraid to move forward out of the fear of what others may think, fear of the unknown, and the fear of creating and sub-coming to hurt and pain. Fear is hard to step over. But what we do not see, or realize, is that the limitations and boundaries we set will destroy us, our relationships, and harden our hearts.

We are not meant to control life or those around us. We are meant to control our own personal tongues and actions.

Being in control of our own actions (regardless of our emotions) will keep ourselves from falling into darkness or temptations, it also limits us from falling into darkness. Placing control on our own actions are for the good of our health, of our soul, and body.

Titus 2: 11-12: For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. It teaches us to say “No” to ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live self-controlled, upright and godly lives in this present age.

The only power we have of control is self-control! There is a flip side, through self-control we can cross the line without realizing it. There are two sides to everything, the good and the bad. When we place limits and boundaries on our actions and choices we are doing what’s right, but when we put limits and boundaries on emotions, the people around us, and try to control the situations we are living in, our lives will fall apart.

We need to let emotions, people, and circumstances free. When you set them free you will feel a release. A weight lifted off your shoulders.

Emotions need to run their course in order to heal. Whether they are right or wrong. don’t hide from them- the hurt and pain- release them.

When we put limits on our emotions it stops the healing and growth process. There is a reason why our emotions are affecting us the way they are. We are entitled to feel what we feel. We need to let it run its course. What we do and how we react to these emotions will define who we are. When we act out in hate and anger our hearts will harden, setting limits and boundaries. We will become weaker. When we act out in love, solving the issue and being forgiving, we allow the emotions we are going through to run their course. This will allow us to rise above, bring us growth, and make us stronger.

People need to be loved and accepted for who they are. When we hold expectations over them we judge, cause division, and create hate- in them and in ourselves. Jesus, Himself, sat with non-believers and sinners and ate a meal. He loves! When you sit to eat with someone, by choice, you accept them for who they are.

Matthew 9: 11- And when the Pharisees saw it, they said unto his disciples, Why does your Teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?

When it comes to love there should be no limitations or boundaries. For love to be at its fullest there should be no expectations or ultimatums. True love accepts people just as they are where they are. When we put the laws of expectations, ultimatums, limitations, and boundaries on love we become unsatisfied with our relationships. Our hearts harden toward the people we should love. The law of love is that there are no laws in love. Love is free! Freely given, freely received. When we place laws to our love for others we will fall. Laws weaken love because love stands strongest without laws. It stands strongest in freedom.

Circumstances are not for us to control. When we try we become heavy laden and stressed. God is in control! When we control our circumstances we are showing a lack of trust to God. This is a form of witchcraft. We are telling God our way is better. Let go! God’s laws are not to harm us but to help us rise. We were not made for His laws, His laws were made for us. Use them wisely.

There are only good laws under God- laws of human nature, spiritual laws of the divine, and laws of nature itself. These laws are all there for us. It is up to us to use, abide, and seek them out. To pick and choose the spiritual and supernatural laws that will help us grow spiritually. This whole world revolves around us human beings. These laws are not about limitations and boundaries but about bringing forth good in us. These laws can help us get past the limitations that we place in our lives- but, these laws can also be used to create limitations by our own choice making. When we go against these laws it will bring destruction and darkness. This is why the bible encourages us to seek the good.

Amos 5:14

New King James Version (NKJV)

14 Seek good and not evil,
That you may live;
So the Lord God of hosts will be with you

Seeking the good is not about just staying positive but about bringing positive from the negative. To seek the good things in life is not about staying in an upbeat world, not letting anything get us down, this puts limitations in our lives by keeping us in a warm spot and not allowing us to grow from the lows to the highs- but, seeking good is being in the negative and experiencing the misery part of life and bringing beauty from it. To be able to fluctuate easily from the up and downs creating a tapestry of many colors that will shine. That, after, when you stand back to take a look you can smile and say that it’s good, even the dark moments.

I choose for this New Year to live a limitless life! I choose to love without limitations- no strings attached- no expectations of anything in return- No walls, boundaries, and limitations in my world to harden my heart. I choose pain, and the beauty that comes from it. I choose the tears that life brings, and its healing power. I choose hardships, and the wisdom and growth I will learn from it. I choose to keep my heart open and beating. 2017 will be a year of completion and new beginnings, of setting my goals and expectations free, to let life surprise me with its goodness of being limitless.


I pray that this year will bring you all a new beginning. That your life will be blessed by God’s limitless LOVE. 🙂

H.E. Olsen

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 I would love to read your thoughts and what you plan for a new year resolution. Enjoy the song ‘I Believe‘. The words have connected to my soul in my life today. 🙂

Things Are Not Always What They Seem (The old woman’s continuing story…)

austins 6-11-2015 007Everything is bliss, the world of dreams swirling like mist. From the deep fog of sleep a chirping sound comes from the deep, waking the old lady from her rest. Her foggy eyes try to open as that chirping becomes annoying. Bright morning light floods in bringing pain to her brain. The old woman tosses and turns getting frustrated with that bird. She grabs a pillow and tosses it to the window. She notices that the pillow goes out the window causing the bird to fly away. The old woman groans, “I forgot to close the window last night.” Mumbling about the dang screen being broken and the lazy repair man not getting it fixed yet, she gets up to close the window. The carpet is warmer than the chilly hard floor of her family’s old home, but still her feet tingle from pain and swelling as she shuffles to the window.

“I’m not Cinderella, and I don’t need early animal friends!” The old woman yells out the window. She grabs her pillow from the bush outside then closes the window. She pauses to enjoy the warmth of the sun through the glass. “It would be a wonder if no critter snuck in last night.”

Looking at the clock on her bed stand, seeing six 0’ five glaring in red, the old woman decides it’s pointless to go back to sleep. The custodial help will be here in an hour with pills and breakfast.  Hoping that Briana, a bright ray of sunshine, comes this morning the old woman takes one last soak of the sun’s rays then heads to the bathroom that connects to her bedroom, beside her closet with slider doors. She might as well get her morning constitution over with.

An hour later while the old woman sat in her comfy chair trying to read her latest romance book with glasses perched at the end of her nose. She was fully dressed with her cropped grey hair in fresh curls. A knock sounds at the door next to the small kitchen. The old woman yelled, “Come in!” as she sat her book down on the table next to the chair. The door opened as she placed her glasses with the book. A bright, curly, red head smiling young woman comes in pushing a cart with a covered plate with food.

“Good morning Eileen! “Her musical singsong voice sang with cheerfulness.

“Good Morning Briana!” The old woman was happy to see Bri.

“I have your breakfast, pills, some nice and hot coffee. I made sure it was fresh since Molly (another helper) keeps bringing you lukewarm watered down brown stuff.” Briana smiles wide, her big green eyes shining with glee. “You have scrambled eggs with sausage, cheese, and toast on the side. I even snuck you a muffin, and I didn’t forget the milk this time.”

“It all sounds good, but the best part is having your company this morning. Molly is too gloomy for me lately.” The old woman gives a big smile.

Briana grabs the tray off the cart and carries it over placing it on the old woman’s lap. She takes the cover off the plate then moves the cart over so the old woman can reach her drinks.

“Would you like cream and sugar this morning or just black again?” she waits patiently for the old woman to reply.

“I believe just black today. The sugar has been making me feel a bit sick again.” The old woman scrunches her face and sticks out her tongue. “I hate feeling sick!”

“Me too! So, what do you have planned today?” Briana was wondering as she sits on the other chair in the room. This old woman was not like any other. Eileen was a bit spontaneous.

The old woman sat up straighter, “Well, I plan to visit the park next door. A walk would be nice.”

“Oh! And how are your feet doing this morning?”

“They were sore earlier but are fine now. They’re up for a walk so none of that now!” Chuckling the old woman finished her breakfasts listening to Briana go on about her morning mishaps. The old woman took a nice sip of hot coffee. “Mmm, that touches the spot.”

Briana rose to get the tray putting it back on the cart. “I know you hate this part but here are your pills and milk, I will never make you take them with water again. That was horrible.”

“I know, water and pills make me gag every time!”

After taking the pills the old woman hands the empty glass to Briana. Briana places everything back on the cart. “Well, I’m off to the next poor soul stuck with me today.” She winks as she pushes the cart to the door. “Have a nice time in the park. I’ll come by at lunch on my break and visit with you. We’ll have lunch together if you’re up for it?”

“Sounds great Bri!” The old woman watches her friend leave. Deciding to wait for a half hour for the pills to kick in before she goes to the park, because her feet were still a bit tender, she picks up her book to read.

Realizing that more than a half hour past she places her book and glasses down once again, pushing herself out of the chair she decides to take her walking stick. Her feet were still a little soar. With her cane she walks to the door that leads outside to the sidewalk and retirement home grounds. Just across, over to the other side is the park. On the other side of the park is a college. The park should have some young people passing through.

Coming to the end of the retirement home grounds the old woman and her cane walk in crosswalk lines past 5th street over to the park. As she enters the park she hears laughter. She sees a young couple throwing a Frisbee for their dog, a mutt of some kind. Some joggers pass by her from behind giving her a fright. With hand to chest calming herself down, she notices two young girls coming her way with backpacks. The old woman waves her arm to get their attention.

“Just humor an old woman for a minute!” Eileen calls out.

As the girls approach the old woman puts a smile on her face. “Sorry if I seem a bit crazy but you two seem like nice girls. I just wanted to share a bit advice with you.” The old woman ticks out her free hand. “I’m Eileen, by the way.” Each girl took a turn at a little handshake.

“I’m Sarah.”

“I’m Mandy.”

The old woman leans on her cane. “I just wanted to encourage you to be good to the people in your life.” The old woman quickly goes into repeating what she was so passionate about last night looking in the mirror. The girls thanked her and excused themselves before they were late for their third classes.

As the old woman watches them walk quickly away feeling good that she was able to express herself to someone, she realizes her feet where starting to really hurt. “Blast these cursed feet anyway!”

Spying a bench close by the old woman yearned to sit and rest her feet, but there was some young man all tattooed up with spiked hair wearing grungy clothes looking in her direction. Not wanting to but needing to, the old woman hobbles over to sit on the opposite side. As she slowly sits she clutches her cane close and sticks her nose in the air trying to be standoffish, she was not feeling comfortable at all.

“I heard everything you told those girls, I’m impressed!” The young man spoke.

The old woman slightly turns her head and looks at him out of the corner of her eye. “Thank you!” She spies those ugly big hoops in his ear.

“I mean. I really needed to here all that.”

“Oh!” The old woman looks at him fully, wondering if she was being tricked somehow.

“Yeah, I have a bunch of young punks I’ve been trying to mentor. I was taking a walk to try to figure out how to go about reaching them when I heard you talk to those girls.” The young man leans forward.

“You mentor Kids? Aren’t’ you a young punk?” The old woman was too old to be shy.

The young man laughed “I may look like one, I used to be one. Now I’m a youth Pastor for troubled kids.”

The old woman was shocked, this man a youth pastor. She busted up laughing. The young man smiled from ear to ear. The old woman took a breath, “I would have never guessed, here I was afraid for my life then to find out you’re a youth pastor. Are you sure you’re not putting me on?”

“Nope, and I would love for you to meet my kids. I would also love for you to tell them what you told those girls.”

The old woman became thoughtful. She came to the park hoping to make a difference in someone’s life. We’ll she did have a message, and she wanted to share it. So, why not! “Yes, I think that sounds good. I’ll give it a try.”

“Great! This Saturday at the skate park, I’ll pick you up in my car.”


“Yep, it’ll be fun. Where should I pick you up at?”

Wondering if she was crazy after all, the old woman told the young punk to pick her up over at the retirement home just yonder. Really looking at the young man the old woman is taught another lesson. Things are not always what they seem.

H.E. Olsen

(Watch for Eileen’s next adventure…..)