Style Studio in Rathdrum Idaho, A Friendly Hair Salon

17918898_10158621586610311_1974987062_nIn Rathdrum Idaho, there is a cute little hair salon called Style Studio right off of highway 41. The owner, Beth Davis, is a stylist and nail specialist. She is very friendly and her place 17918575_1954773821419300_2045569283_ngives a feel of comfort and welcome. I found her charm to be refreshing and her joking-side amusing, plus- I love my new haircut. Beth also offers her clients’ drinks (including wine and beer) and she also offers snacks. Her prices are really reasonable. I will return!

Check out Style Studio’s website and prices- 11081065_1424797531149221_1373314632330839331_n

I’m writing this article because I believe in supporting all good small businesses, plus I found out it was her Birthday- “Happy Birthday Beth!”

If you’re in the area look Style Studio up! I was not disappointed- I don’t think you will be either. 😉

Beth is looking to hire a licensed cosmetologist full or part time- your preference. It is in a busy location and it includes towels, laundry, and backbar.

Contact Beth at Style Studio’s website or call (208)641-9043

HE Olsen 🙂



Bad Case of Daydreams

301_6654I always have been bad at daydreaming. I would daydream on the bus and through school. I remember a time when I sat on the bus with a friend, Michelle. We were so wrapped in our daydreaming that we forgot we spent the whole day at school. When we came back to reality we were confused about the direction the bus was going?

Another laughable moment, that I remember, is when I was taking my dinner dishes to the sink. Of course I lost myself along the way and ended up in the laundry room!

Just recently, my son, the middle child, found the kid toothpaste in the fridge. I know it was me because I remember picking it up to put it away. I don’t remember putting in the fridge. I do remember daydreaming.

Daydreaming, lately, has been getting bad. Now that I’m an author working on books my mind is continually going. Lord, help my family …he he he.

Do you have a daydreaming story? I would love to read about them.