About H.E. Olsen

heather pics olsen 013I’m a Christian author, a wife to one amazing man, and a mother to three, fast growing, goofin’-around , home-schooled kids; plus a crazy yellow cat named Scout. We live in the upper Panhandle of Idaho on 5 acres. I love country life.

I’ve always had love for writing. Over the last years, a desire was born in me to open up and share my soul. I enjoy many types of writing. Besides literary works, I enjoy drawing, painting, and just being creative.

My hobbies include camping, hiking, baking with my daughter, 4wheeling in a Jeep, horses, and reading books.

I’m not one for religion, but I take my relationship with my Lord seriously. I think deep and study hard. I enjoy finding the lies I believe and replacing them with God-given-truths. I’m continually growing spiritually. I want to become, here on earth, as I am to be in Heaven.

I would love to have you connect, join my journey, and follow the path I’m on. Comment below if you want to say hi and tell me about yourself. If you have questions- then ask. If you think I’m wrong about something- then voice your concern. If you need prayer- then share the prayer request. For you prayer warriors, I could use some strong prayers of protection.

Thank You and God Bless,

H.E. Olsen

Check out my first published book- Discovering True Love

Check out my first interview- H.E. Olsen




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