Interview With Author HE Olsen


Picture provided by HE Olsen Picture provided by HE Olsen

H.E. Olsen is an author whose first published book Discovering True Love is coming out ithis month. I had the privilege of asking Mrs. Olsen some questions about writing, inspiration, and a whole host of other questions. She has some great insights to share. I had a great time getting to know her. Check out our interview below. Her answers are in bold.

Where is your hometown?
I live in Oldtown, ID.

Is your hometown where you started writing?
I began my book Discovering True Love in Oldtown, but I began writing little stories from a young age in Newport, WA. I would often write at school when I was supposed to be learning.

You are a Behavioral Psychiatrist. Where did you study?
I’m not a behavioral psychiatrist yet. I’m working my way there. Starting next year, I plan on studying at Liberty University…

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