Discovering True Love by H.E. Olsen

PrintDiscovering True Love

By H.E. Olsen

“Rated with 5 stars on Goodreads and has made it on the hot new release best selling insparational and spirtiual list on Amazon!”

In Discovering True Love I tell, from childhood into adulthood, how I came to the understanding of what true love is. When I started this book it was just a devotional on true love. While I turned it into a memoir I saw a path spread out, from the very beginning,  creating a way before me. God called, and as an unknowingly trusting child, I blindly followed. While I look back at the beginning I can now picture my little childhood self spread little wings and try to take flight. I fall many times- learning to fly brought pain. Flying is not learned without falling first, but in order to fly we must not give in or give up.

During this journey I had no idea that I would end up here- where I am now- soaring in a current of peaceful winds overflowing with love and understanding. Choosing to finish this journey I find myself gliding in a breeze of completeness, no matter the circumstances.  You will watch, in your mind’s eye, as I find the lies I believe about love and replace them with truth. Writing this book brought me healing and strength as well as discovering the true meaning of love. I pray it will inspire and heal you too.

God Bless,

H.E. Olsen

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