Spiritual Warfare

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Our battle in spiritual warfare can be hard to see. We need to fight against the flesh and reach for the Holy Spirit. It’s hard to hear the voice of the holy spirit in our soul when the flesh is so very loud with the I wants, have to haves, and I needs. Also with past pains and hurts. The flesh screams at us things it says are good and acceptable when they’re not. satan uses this to his advantage to try to come in-between us and God. God distances himself from us when we are living in the flesh because those who have entered his presence with an unclean heart have died. Jesus shed his blood as the ultimate sacrifice so we can have a relationship with God through the Holy Spirit. Through the blood of Jesus our heart is made clean. satan is loud with noise and chaos to prevent us from hearing the Holy Spirit. Fear is one of his greatest weapons. I’m going to share with you my testimony of being attacked by demons. This is not something I would tell everyone. Only a handful of people know this about me because I have felt that not many people would believe me. If it didn’t happen to me I’m not sure I would believe myself, but know I feel the need to share whether people believe me or not. I feel that someone might need to hear my story.


“I was in my early teens when one night, after being soundly asleep in my bed, I was woken up by being shaken. My whole body and bed were shaking. I thought I was dreaming at first. I even asked myself, ‘Am I dreaming?’ Now, if one has to ask oneself if they are dreaming then they are most likely not dreaming. I even pinched myself. When I realized I was fully awake I became scared and confused. I heard a low growly voice float up from under my bed calling my name, ‘Heather.’ I became so terrified that I was frozen. I had no idea what to do? I then recalled a Sunday school teacher telling me to call on the name of Jesus whenever I was afraid. I was definitely afraid! I put this to practice but as I went to cry out the name of Jesus I couldn’t speak. It took everything I had to force out the name of Jesus. Finally I yelled, ‘JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!’ –dead silence. Everything was at a stillness. My bed suddenly dropped. I was dumbfounded. I was confused about why this was happening to me. I couldn’t believe that it happened.

That morning I ran to my mom and told her all about what happened. At first she seemed concerned but then it was like watching a cloud of disbelief wash down her face. She told me that it was just a dream. It was no dream! I will never forget that experience for as long as I live.

My next attack was at youth group. I was around 18 and a few of us girls would show up early to pray before youth group started. We were in a school room praying and finding it hard to focus. We decided to turn off the light so we would stop being distracted. When we felt done we walked around the church to see if anyone showed up yet but hardly anyone was there so we went back to praying. When we got back to the room we noticed something strange. On the opposite wall, where the light from the hallway was shining, there was a shadow. This shadow didn’t belong there. We all saw it so it wasn’t just my imagination. The shadow was a form of a net. There was nothing there to cast this shadow. The air inside this room was extremely heavy and evil like. We decided to not go in. We closed the door and found another room to pray in.

I now know and understand the heaviness in that room. With my experiences since then I know that heaviness to be oppression. The net was a net of oppression cast directly at us. I want to take a moment to pray for the other girls who were with me, ‘Lord I pray that that net of oppression cast on these girls’ lives, in any shape or form, will be broken and destroyed, by the blood of Jesus- amen.’ (If you’re reading this, and need that prayer also, than pray it in your heart and believe it.)

The third attack happened when I was in Oregon. I was there to help take care of my Granny who had cancer and was going through chemo. I was sleeping in my dad’s old room. I heard my door squeak open and thought it was Granny coming for help. I was in between that sleep and awake stage. It was like I was in a trans state of some form. I knew and could tell that I was looking through the slits of my eyes. I looked over to the door expecting Granny to come in, but it was not Granny. It was a demon. It walked around my bed and came to sit next to me. It said in a low tormenting voice, ‘She is mine, you cannot have her!’ it then just laughed and laughed. I couldn’t move. This time I knew what to do. I knew that calling on the name of Jesus worked. So I quickly, and much more easily called out, ‘JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!’ –it was gone! I was fully awake.

I had no idea why I was being attacked. I didn’t know what else to do other than call out the name of Jesus. I didn’t know how to battle this level of spiritual warfare. I felt lost and confused. I started looking into and studying spiritual warfare. I’m growing in understanding.

Two years ago I went through counseling by a friend who decided to counsel me for free. My friend walked me through payers to overcome my generational demons. One day- not at night this time, my friend was having me say prayers to release me from my generational demons when I felt such heaviness on my chest. I couldn’t take it anymore so we decided to continue another day. Well, throughout that day my chest became heavier and heavier. I started to feel pressure on my brain. It felt like someone was squeezing my head. I thought to myself, ‘I’ll just pray in the spirit and rest in the Lord.’ As I opened my mouth to speak in tongues I grew in confusion. It was not the same. It didn’t sound the same or feel the same as when I usually pray in the spirit. I soon realized that whatever was coming out of my mouth was not of the Holy Spirit. I closed my mouth quickly. I called my friend who came over right away. My friend prayed over me until there was a release.

Just as heavenly beings have their own language, and can pray through us in this language, than why not the demonic also? This puts satan worship at a whole new level.

I now understand why I’ve been attacked so strongly. satan and his demons want to prevent me- prevent us all, from hearing the voice of the spirit. When we quiet ourselves enough to hear the Holy Spirit and start following the will of God we will be attacked. satan doesn’t want us to grow close to the Lord or to further His kingdom. When the attack is not as severe as I’ve been attacked, we can then be attacked by doubts and untruths. The people around us can also come against us in hate, through jealousies, anger, and other emotions- through this we can become bitter and blind by our own reacting emotions. Demons are hard at work, everywhere, stirring up hate and chaos. We give legal ground for the enemy to become attached to us through our actions created by our negative emotions and by what we allow into our lives that influence our choices. We can also have demons hanging on to our family line through generation to generation. They are called familiar spirits, but not only do we have familiar spirits we can, and most likely do, have generational curses caused by sins of our ancestors. Our battle ground against demons and curses is in prayer through faith and our weapons are the word of God, the blood of Jesus, and the name of Jesus. We need to repent, forgive, and not to forget to forgive ourselves- like I often do, so we can move forward. This is bruising the enemy’s head and allows us to defeat the demons. I hope this testimony has helped someone in some shape or form. God bless and much love.

I no-longer fear the dark, creatures, or demons for I know God is with me and His will shall reign. He is my strength and has given me authority over them through the name of Jesus. ~H.E. Olsen

(A book that has helped me a lot is PRAYERS THAT ROUT DEMONS by John Eckhardt)


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