Powerful Currents


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“This article WOW-ed me!”

I love sitting on a porch during a lighting storm with the breezes and winds whipping around me. The loud thunder shaking the house is exciting. The most beautiful part to me, and dangerous, is the lightning. Thinking of lightning I picture its energy residing in the earth flowing deep in currents. Then Lightning comes bursting from the ground and reaches the dark clouds in a blink of an eye. The world lights up with a bright blue light. Lightning has such powerful electricity that when it’s close I can feel my hair rise. I started thinking how God’s energy is also powerful. Could it be that the same currents in God’s energy be the same as lightning’s energy? This had me thinking of the Old Testament when Moses stood before God on Holy ground. I know he felt the energy, I bet his hair stood on end and if he touched someone he would have given the best electricity shock of a lifetime. I remembered reading how people fell down dead in the presence of God. Those that lived had to cleanse themselves of sin before entering His presence. I then thought of the people who have been struck by lightning. How some lived and some have died. Could it be a heart condition? Could it be that the ones purer in heart are the ones who survive and the ones with a darker heart die? An interesting thought- but who knows? God, through His energy, made the world- so wouldn’t there be something here to resemble that very same energy? When we watch lightning could we be seeing physical evidence that connects this world with the spiritual? I remember that there was a pillar of fire guiding Moses and God’s people out of bondage. Was that pillar of fire more of a lightning bolt or a blue-ish white fire flickering with electricity? I do know that the blue-ish white light of lightning shines brighter and reaches further than the warm glow of a fire. I don’t think the soft glow of a fire would have reached all of God’s people, but the blue-ish white energy light, Just as lightning, would. With these thoughts in my head for the next couple of days, I find myself reading about the energy creating electricity with positive and negative charges in the human body.

A month ago I just happen to buy a psychology book at a yard sale because of my interest in mental illness and behavioral psychology. I’m amazed how certain things seem to fall right into place for me. I’m still amazed that after all my questions on this subject, I find myself reading about the electro currents within the human body.

I started picturing the human body as a source of electrical currents. Electricity is created by some form of energy source. From whatever charges I feed my body it will create different levels of currents. The wellness of the human body, mental state, and spiritual state all depends on these currents. The human body, mental state, and spiritual state work together as one, Just like God the father, Christ Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are three but untied as one. The body, mental, and spiritual are three different functions but feed off each other. Everything in our world is an echo of God’s world. Why do you think the Bible tells us to pray, “Let it be here on earth as it is in Heaven.” Our human bodies and human lives can resemble that which is meant for us in Heaven. We can echo our Heavenly forms.

Just as lightning is connected to the power of God the electro currents inside us can strongly connect us to Godly spirituality. Jesus is our plug-in. To find the right current we need to receive the energy of God. God’s energy is life, love, and light. It is holy and good. God’s energy brings positive charges that will feed into the currents of our lives. I’m not just talking about lifting hands and swaying back and forth, this is spiritual food and good for the soul, but we need to feed the mental form also. This is why the Bible tells us to look for the good in all situations. When we focus on the good in life we train our mind to see the good and be positive. Our physical form needs real healthy food and vitamins to be healthy. We become or are what we feed our body, the physical, mental, and spiritual.

What we feed our body will determine our health in the future. When we eat the right food, exercise in moderation- without over doing it, and feed our minds with good things- love and forgiveness, we won’t become so ill and sick. Our bodies won’t be so acceptable to disease. However, if we live on junk food our bodies react to it with negative currents. It can break down the human body where it will be hard to fight sicknesses and illnesses. The body won’t be getting all it needs to function properly. This in turn will send the mind into stresses, depressions, and struggles. This breaks the body down further. The negative current gets stronger. When the negative current gets this far it’s hard for the spirituality to find any form of peace. This is when we feel that God is nowhere in our lives. We can often call out, Why me!” or, “Where are you God!” By our own choices we can create a negative current were we block God from our lives. What we sew we will reap.

It doesn’t matter which function starts the process of creating negative currents, the other functions will soon follow. Our own mind-set can be a big factor in our depressions, struggles, and unhealthy lives. Depending on personalities, emotions, and how our mind has been trained we can fall into an unhealthy mental pattern that can keep going in circles. This is where we feel that we are on an emotional roller-coaster ride. Our currents are going up and down. While our mind is sending negative signals we can get the munchies, and we can block our spiritual energies. We need to reset our mind-set to a more positive electro wave. I have learned to ask emotions why? There were times in my past that someone’s actions would get me flustered, angry, or hurt. I have since realized that I’m not in charge of other people’s choices, words, or actions- even if directed at me. I am in charge of my choice to be more positive, or to wallow in the negative. I am in charge of what currents I allow to energize me. God has given all of us this choice. Satan will do his best to have his demons entice us to stay negative. I say entice because they play around allowing us to think things are good because they feel good or seem good to our human nature. Satan and his demons won’t give a choice. They like to control and power.

Satan wants the negative current to run strongly in the body. He wants to twist our God given choices to block God, just like he did with Eve in the Garden of Eden. He wants us to live in darkness. He wants us to be sickly and weak. He does his best to blind us to God’s truth. I pray that we will have the eyes to see, the ears to hear, a mind to fully understand God’s truth, and a mouth to boldly tell satan and his demons to get behind us by the blood of Christ. I also pray by the blood of Christ that those who read this will find the positive current to God’s energy and be connected spiritually to their Heavenly form.

Have a blessed journey!

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