Your Family Tree


I have been really struggling with a heavy heart these last few weeks. This is not what I usually do but I’m going to rant a little- Family is important! Your whole family is a tree. I’m not talking about a normal family tree that show’s how you all are connected. I’m talking about a spiritual tree that lives and breathes. Every person in the family is responsible to keep this tree healthy and alive. It can take one family member to make the tree suffer, but- it can also take one family member who knows love to heal the tree.

Every family member is a root to this tree. Whatever is absorbed by the root becomes part of the tree. There may be some family members who feed hate and bitterness into this tree. This will cause some branches to die. When this happens the family members that have become the strong healthy roots need to lovingly prune back the dead branches to allow new growth. This tree will only survive if you work together, support each other, be there for each other when you need to, and to give time and space when needed. Time and space allows growth.

The family members who love, forgive, are peaceful, joyful, kind, good, faithful, gentle, and long-suffering – in working things out, will keep the tree alive. They are the gardeners. I see so many posts about if you don’t like the situation then run, if you don’t like the person then leave, and if you don’t like the path you’re on then choose a new one. What if God is using the situation, person, or path to mold your character? What if he’s trying to refine you into a jewel? If you run what becomes of it? Not only that- but what if you are the one needed in that life of the person or family member that you don’t like? What if you were placed in someone’s life because God saw that you have what they need to grow or heal? When we run we prevent the work of God. If you neglect and run from your garden it will die. Jesus did not run from the cross. He was tortured, called names, and abused. He stayed- we are to be Christ like. Think about your family members and how you’ve acted toward them. Only you can answer for yourself.

If you hold any bitterness, unforgiveness, and hate toward a family member it doesn’t just affect you. It affects all the family close to you and even some who are not so close. When family lets you down it hurts the worst. When they fight among themselves around you it creates frustration and the feeling of abandonment. The family tree quivers and shakes out of distress and leaves fall. Families need to heal and become strong again, whether if they are broken or torn apart- Divorced or remarried, this just means more people added to the family tree. We all need each other in some way or form.

Love and heal your family today!

H.E. Olsen

“I would love your comments on this post.”

*My next post will be about divorce and why God is against it and why he allowed it*


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