I Can Walk On Water


By H.E. Olsen

Matthew 14: 22-33

I’m listening to a song about walking on water. This song takes me back to when I lived with my parents on a river lot. I remember being a little girl trying to feel enough faith in me so I could walk on the water. I wanted to be just like Jesus. Of-course it failed. As a child I thought my faith was lacking. As an adult I see the meaning of Jesus walking on water so differently. It’s not actually about physically walking on water to me anymore. The way I see it now is more beautiful and inspiring then actually walking on water- although being able to physically walk on the water would be fun.

In my mind I can see clouds turning, wind blowing, and the stormy sea wavering up and down while Jesus strolls on the water to the boat. He is calm and at peace. He stands strong in the midst of this storm. Through this action Jesus is trying to show us how to live. He is trying to inspire us. There is more to this story than just walking on water.

Peter decided he wanted to walk on the water and meet Jesus. My kind of spontaneous thinker! I would have done the same. I would have thought, “Awesome! He’s walking on the sea. I want to do that too!” But Peter didn’t last very long. He started to struggle and he sank. Jesus had to pull him up.

With our human emotions it is very easy to sink. Life and people can pull us down through hurtful acts and our own fear. Our frustration of what we believe is not right or fair can also drag us down. We allow the ugliness of our world to sink us into the sea of destruction.

Cry out! Seek help! Jesus is waiting for us. Through Him we have the power to rise. All we have to do is reach for Him so he can pull us out.

Life is a stormy sea with the wind tossing hardships about. We can sink in misery or we can stand in the center of it all with a calm spirit that’s at peace. We can stay above the sea of emotional negativity. We can stand in strength and power against our hardships and struggles. We don’t have to allow them to toss us around or blow us down. It’s all in knowing and understanding our strength and power that we have in Jesus. Through this we can spiritually walk on water.

I went through my own hardship that sunk me to the bottom of the sea. Even though I was at the bottom Jesus still heard my cry. He pulled me to the light of the sky and saved me from self-destruction. I was mentally-ill but now I’m mentally whole. I am now walking on water with Jesus by my side. The storms and wind whipping around me no longer oppress me. My soul is still and I’m at peace.

I hope and pray that this post was enlightening and inspiring. I would love to get comments and your own personal story of overcoming a hardship. Thank you for reading!


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