My Sexual Dreams and Biblical Understanding

heather pics olsen 013I have been confused about sexual dreams since I was a teen. When I was seventeen I had, what I believed to be a nightmare, a dream of being sexually attacked. In my dream I entered an alleyway from the side of a building during daylight. Two tall men who I did not recognize approached me. They seemed unearthly but not evil. I was grabbed by one. I panicked and started kicking. The other one pulled off my underwear and pants. He sent his hand deep up inside me. I felt completely violated. He then pulled out his clenched hand. I felt shamed. He opened his hand and showed me two black dots that resembled clots. Understanding flooded me that they weren’t harming me but helping me. I took my eyes off the clots to look again at the strangers only to find that they vanished. I awoke totally embarrassed and confused about this dream. Dreams like this, among many others that I’ve experienced, caused me to start studying the world of dreams.

I have found that dreams are a window, or door, into the spiritual world. Many things in a dream are symbolic to our personal lives- past, present, and even our future. Through all my studying I now understand this dream. Those clots resemble generational curses. Clots clinging to my soul from conception. They were a part of me and seemed normal. My soul felt violated  when they were exposed. Exposing these curses brought the feeling of shame. But as I studied and grew with understanding I am no longer embarrassed or confused. A year ago I went through counseling and read the book Prayers that Rout Demons. There is a part in this book that rebukes generational curses. While I read this part and prayed I saw a white flash moving up the umbilical cord and knew that the generational curse was destroyed. My whole life I got cold-sores during the changes of each season. The season change somehow would trigger the cold-sore to come out. I have been cold-sore free now for a whole year. There’s one clot, I’m not sure about the other one yet.  But, whatever it is, I know it’s gone. Praise God!

A generational curse is something that is past from one generation to the next. My mother and grandmother also have cold-sores, as well as other family members. Generational curses can be depression- Just realized that this is the second clot, amazing how God brings us to see and know. Depression is strong in my family. I no longer fight depression. I haven’t struggled with it for a full year. 🙂 But continuing on- Generational curses can be bipolar depression, any type of depression- any form of mental illness, it can be a physical illness, and it can also be a characteristic trait- anything that’s been passed down. So, I now understand this dream that seemed sexual but in reality was a dream of healing. On to the next dreams.

Within the last few years I’ve had dreams  where my husband was cheating on me. I first thought that this was because of my fear of him finding someone else and leaving me. This would anger me, bring me to frustration, and make me feel sad and vulnerable. This was not it at all. Through my research and studies I now realize that this resembles the fact that he was connecting to others better than he was connecting to me.  He was putting people before me, and he does tend to do this.

Let’s take a look on how the Bible views sex. First of all, God created sex. Sex is a physical action that brings two people together to spiritually become one. The two souls marry through the act of sex. This brings connection and a bond. God created this act to be good and a blessing. Which brings me to my next and last sexual dream. I was in a deep sleep the other night when I dreampt about having sex with my husband. This dream was so real that when I woke up I couldn’t tell if it actually happened or if it was a dream.  At first, because of the intensity, I thought, “Was I being attacked by a demon?” I thought about the dream and there was nothing evil about it. I didn’t feel an evil presence. I have come across some articles that say sexual dreams are evil.  I strongly disagree. They can be evil, but not all sexual dreams are evil.

So, after deep thought and prayer, I realized that this last dream was showing me that my husband’s connection to me will grow strong. That through the intensity of this dream I was being shown that our bond will be powerful. This is a good thing.

While I was studying on this subject I also learned that everyone, at some point, has a sexual dream. I also learned that some may have a dream where they are sexual in some form or way with a sibling, or of the same sex, and maybe even a parent. Don’t let these dreams fool you. Don’t be ashamed. This doesn’t mean that you secretly are harboring these lustful feelings. Remember dreams are symbolic. Think of the relationship you have with the person your having a sexual experience with in your dream. Depending with the relationship the dream may be showing you that there are unGodly soul ties, bonds, connections, and such. It all depends on the dream and your situation with the other person. Other things like numbers, colors, what you feel, and animals are also symbolic with hidden messages. These can bring further understanding. I agree with some, and disagree with some, of the article in the link above. I do believe that sex even in dreams need to hold to biblical view to symbolize that we are living in truth and goodness. When we are having sex outside of marriage in our dream, we are being shown unGodliness in that relationship. This is not a bad thing but a blessing. Through your dream you are being shown the area’s that need to be brought to repentance, forgiveness, and healing. Then there are those dreams, like the first one I shared, where they seem sexual but aren’t.

Before, I would have been way to shy to share these dreams. But, wanting people to see the real me, I realize that I need to share. I need to share because I want to help others to understand. I want to give hope and inspiration.

H.E. Olsen

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Please share an experience of your own dream, if you are so bold, in the comments below- or how this post has helped you…


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