A Prayer to Conquer Land from the Enemy

13413885_1807131846183499_2117866836_nPicture in your mind a castle with high towers. With every castle there are lands and borders. There are fruit trees and gardens, a water source that could be a well or a stream. There are animals and people who look to you for support and leadership.

The castle is you- your inner self. Every wall inside your castle is placed by the choices you’ve made as well as the sin you’ve allowed into your life. Some rooms can be light-filled and airy; but other rooms are dark and hiding demons. Through fear, jealousy, hate, unrighteous anger, all unrighteous behavior, and negative emotions the demons have created walls and found strongholds in your castle. This destroys your peace, causes illness, and can control you in areas that prevent the fullness of your calling.

The land around your castle represents your dreams, gifts, and Godly desires. The borders around these lands are supposed to protect your dreams, gifts, and Godly desires. But, through neglect these borders become weak and the enemy sneaks in to penetrate and cause disruption, division, and destruction- the triple D’s. Through this you’ll find un-satisfaction and disappointment. All the while you sit and cry about how unfair life is. It’s very human to tend to blame God when ‘you’ are at fault. Through depression you let your fruit and all that is edible to go bad. Your well runs dry and the people around you, according to their own emotions, will either point fingers, or try as they may, to help the way they know how. But nothing will help until you realize you need to take command and fight back.

Through being blind to the presence of the enemy, they have been feeding off your emotions and the emotions of those close to you. They have been using the negative emotions to create disturbances, they draw these emotions out until they cause you to react and then cause chaos all around. With the enemy now creating the triple D’s amongst your family and friends they will find high places to reside. They will place themselves in your towers through your negative emotions. I have found that the emotions that give them the most power are hate, jealousy, and depression.

It is up to you to make the choice and take back your land. You need to take a stand. Wipe away your tears and say, “Enough is enough!”

The first step is to prepare for battle. This is done by admitting your sin, speaking it out loud, repent of it, seek and ask for forgiveness, and then rebuke all demons associated to each sin. Rebuke all guilt, shame, and condemnation. This will crack and break the enemy’s strongholds. Ask Jesus to pour his blood upon you, your doorways, and your land through the Holy Spirit. Through the shedding of His blood you have the power to overcome the enemy- Rev. 12:11

The second step is to ask for protection in the Blood of Christ and though the Holy Spirit.

Now that you have weakened the enemy, you are ready to say this prayer to take back your land

“Lord, I praise you and lift you up to be the most high. God, you are my God and I worship you. I repent of the sins that have allowed the enemy to sneak in and penetrate my land. I pray, through the blood of Christ make me clean and rid me of evil. Abolish the enemy’s plans for my life. Break down the enemy’s fort and castle they’ve built against you in myself, in my land, and all that is in my land. Beat down every wall the enemy has built in me and around me that gives them power and safety from your fire, lord. Cast down all demons that have placed themselves in high places. Destroy their towers. Overthrow their kingdom they’ve built in my life and send them back to hell, in the blood of Christ.”

“Lord, cast out all demons that have found a stronghold in me and my land. I pray that you, oh Lord, will send your Angels to chase and torment them as they flee. Confound the enemy in their schemes. Bring them to confusion, shame, and disappointment. Smite all who are in my land that stand against your will in my life.  Break apart all demons that have found strength in numbers against me. Scatter them far from each other and cut off their communication. Fight and overcome the enemy, Lord, through your blood.”

“Lord, help me to prevail and bring my land to safety. Send your Holy Spirit and the host of Heaven to consume my land and myself. Restore my borders and make them strong. Bring my land to an abundance of life. I pray that your refreshing water will flow in the low places and fill my lands well full to overflowing. I pray that all plants and trees will be of good food and that there will be plenty for all who are on my land, family, friend, or stranger. I pray that your power and might sit on the high places. I pray for your love to be at my center. Let your love be the heart of my land and I accept and receive your love, in Jesus name…”

You will now experience a change. It could be today, tomorrow, or in the weeks to come. This is just the beginning. As you move forward you may feel strong resistance and people around you will begin to be hateful. You need to remember that this is a battle. The demons will use what they can to stand against you, including the people around you that have given the enemy permission in some way or form to enter their own castle and land. It’s a battle of old, between castles and lands, Lords and Ladies. You need to be persistent and endure until the battle is won- prayer is our greatest weapon. You need to grow in the knowledge of satans tactics and devises. You need to separate yourself with the evil affairs of this life. Do not stress but have peace. God is fighting this battle for you now that you’ve asked and have given it to Him. Have patience and trust Him. Also, once your battle is won, you can use all that you have to help win the battles of other castles. You will have the knowledge and understanding to help those around you to overcome.

Your faith has made you well… (We are made well according to our own FAITH. But remember that faith without works is dead. It’s a heart condition. Speak life, Live making Godly choices, open your heart to others, and you will live.)

H.E. Olsen

…I would love for you to share your testimony of how God worked miracles in your life, please leave a comment to this post…


2 thoughts on “A Prayer to Conquer Land from the Enemy

  1. Gretiana June 10, 2016 / 11:27 am

    The devil and his demons almost drove me crazy when I just got born again. I’ve known rejection, abuse, poverty …I’ve been suicidal, depressed and I’ve cried tones of tears. But the Lord found me in the jungle of life, brought me home to Him and gave me a new life. I now help give hope to others.

    Praise the Lord.

    Liked by 1 person

    • H.E. Olsen June 10, 2016 / 3:54 pm

      I too struggled with suicidal depression through abuse, poverty, and rejection. I aslo have the desire to give hope and understanding to others. Thank you so much for sharing. May God bless you in your walk with Him. I send you much love, H.E. Olsen

      Liked by 1 person

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