To Have Peace…1/14/2016

loves tear 001Those of you who know me know what I’ve been going through, the struggles I face each and every day. Rumors have gone around claiming that my husband is abusive. These rumors are wrong! My husband is a very fun, loving, supportive man. Our situation is not an easy one but we will hold each other up, staying to this path, until the very end. He struggles in our circumstances just as much as I do, more so now.

Living with an in-law or parent who finds the worst in everything- where you can do nothing right, and is very demanding- is not easy at all. I find I still fear opening up about it. But, I have found peace in the midst of it all. Through this hardship I have grown in spiritual strength and wisdom. When I was not at peace about it, I couldn’t wait for the situation to end, it was a curse. But now that I’m at peace, it has become a blessing. This situation brought out the desire to help others, to heal and bring healing, to write, and to learn. It has blessed and is blessing me with wisdom, strength, and a love to give that isn’t returned. God, with his love, raised me from the muck that I found myself in. He brought me to safety from my own emotions. When nighttime comes, I smile at my husband …give him a kiss, and say, “Today was good!” The day may have been hard but it was fruitful. Peace fills me as sleep creeps in. I know that I dwell in the safety of God’s hands.

Deep hurt, festering anger,

Dark, dreary, dull smog,

Putting on garments to cover all,

Artificial smiles,

False happiness,

Life of imitational bliss,

…An accepted adorned apparel to put on…

Nakedness brings true joy,

Shedding clothes piece by piece,

…Baring your soul for all to see…

Uncovering every scar, stretch mark, wrinkle,

…Chasing cloudiness away…

Blessed are those who see beyond,

 Noticing lush curves, soft skin, hidden treasures,

…A beautiful figure to be seen…

With every discarded fabric,

Light will brighten your pose.

Real smiles,

True happiness,

Life of everlasting bliss,

Baring elements, emotions, essence,

No longer shy away from pain.

Forgoing a fictitious world,

…A bare naked soul…

Psalm 4:8

In peace I will lie down and sleep, for you alone, Lord, make me dwell in safety.

When we become real, opening up, we will find healing and peace. When we trust in God completely we will find safety. Become bare naked and rejoice. Find true happiness! What are your hurts today? What are you afraid off? Voice them to God and others. let the healing process begin, even if the circumstances don’t change.

Author H.E. Olsen


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