Turning Curses into Blessings…1/9/2016


Genesis 50:20

You intend to harm me, but God intended it for good.


I once allowed

You to hurt me

Your curse to destroy me

The hot air from your mouth

 Scorched me

Inside and out

But then

God rained upon my life

That brought refreshment

I learned to be bold

To bring beauty from the ashes

Your curses brought me blessings


When someone tries to harm you by telling lies, putting something into motion to destroy your works, dreams, and desires don’t sweat it. They will be seen by their conduct. Others will know the truth. This may bring you struggles and hardships but through this will come strength, courage, wisdom, and so much more. I have cursed myself and there are those who try to curse me today. Through God I’ve been blessed. I have learned that curses are sandpaper that scrubs the jewels of life bringing out the best quality of their shine. When we allow the curse to consume us blackness will surround the jewels in our lives. Let’s allow God to turn our curses into blessings. Let’s work good from the bad. Remember light shines brightest in the dark …If you’ve allowed your light to be blown out then relight it. Strike that match…

Author H.E. Olsen


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