The Bread of Life… 1/8/2016

A man sits on the edge of a curb, downtown, in an area where most try to avoid. Eating what he would call a meal …A half of a sub sandwich that someone, who drove past, gave to him seeing past the grubby attire and ratty jacket to the man’s hollow eyes reflecting his stomach. This is a meal that the man hasn’t had in days. But, what no one see’s, is that the man bows his head before he eats. He feels so blessed to have this bit of morsel whether If he believes in a God or not. The man is so thankful to just have something to eat. He never knows when or where his next meal will come.

Another man who may believe in God, who has many possessions and money to spare, eats food without thought. He hardly ever sits down to a meal, just snacks throughout the day. Meals, in his life, are dedicated to just holidays. The food in his fridge rots because he’s hardly ever home. In a few days it will be thrown away. He is never thankful and never feels blessed for he has never lacked anything to create a heart of thanksgiving.

heather pics olsen 013This story came to mind when I read this morning’s devotional, Awareness of Holiness. It talks about breaking bread and being thankful. When we, as people, have an abundance of things we tend to take it for granted. God looks at the heart of a man not our possessions. The homeless man has more heart than the man who has never went without. There is a holy, divine purpose in our hardships and struggles. It brings awareness and growth in the spirituality of Gods holiness. As I read and studied this morning it brought to mind a man, a friend of the family, who chose to be homeless many years ago. He told stories of living under a bridge, eating out of garbage cans- this included fighting over food with dogs. Although he is no longer homeless he still has homeless tendencies. We had a gathering where he was included. Someone dropped a hot dog and bun on the ground then threw it into the garbage where I soon after threw a dirty poppy dipper on top of it. The ex-homeless man dug the hot dog and bun out stating, “This is still a perfectly good dog!” then proceeded to eat it. We were all gagging and totally disgusted. I see know that food, to him, had become way too precious where a bit of dirt wouldn’t ruin it. This makes me think of us, mankind, we all have a bit of dirt on us. Should we be thrown away or saved. I know, a gross comparison, but this is where my thoughts are leading this morning.

Let’s cherish and be thankful for what we have and what we receive. Awareness of holiness is knowing that all good things comes from God, our creator.

Eugene Peterson quotes, “To eyes that see, every bush is a burning bush.”

Luke 22:19

And He took bread, gave thanks and broke it, and gave it to them, saying, “This is my body given for you; do this in remembrance of me.”

Jesus is the bread that gives us life! When we sit to eat, or are eating on the go, we need to remember this and be thankful. We need to be thankful for the nourishment to our body and soul.

Author H.E. Olsen


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