YOUR STORY AND MINE, Devotional, 1/6/2016

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All my friends

All my family

You have touched my life in a special way

You’ve brought pearls to my world

They have been laid at my feet

Even in hurt, pain, and anger

I have been blessed

Through our hardships my garden is blooming

Also from long ago

Each of your words have not fallen on deaf ears

They have not been cast before swine

I needed a piece of your story

The good and the bad

The pain and the laughter

It’s helping me grow into who I am

I want to say thank you

To give you your due

Heaven has opened blessing me with a piece of you

Writing each one of you into a story that is mine

You all are diamonds placed in the treasury of my heart

Don’t ever think you aren’t making a difference

Your stories are real

Living and breathing life into all who come near

To all my friends, all my family,

Thank You!

Author H.E. Olsen

Think of all who have come into your life and how they have touched it. Let them know how much they mean to you today….


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