My Devotional, 1/5/2016…

301_6590 (2)January is the month to start new. Do you have a dream or something that you have always desired to do? If it’s good, for you and for all, then it’s a God given desire. You may be afraid and not know how to go about it but when it is a God given desire then He will open doors and pave the way.

Psalm 23:5

You prepare a table for me in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows.

 So, no matter where you’re at or what you’re doing jump in. I struggled with fear so bad when I started sharing my writings. When I opened my Facebook and blog my heartbeat accelerated to the point I was actually sweating.  I was so afraid of what people would say. Then, I realized that people who didn’t like my work didn’t matter. What matters are the people who do connect with me. What matters are the words running through my head and the journey I’m on. What matters is God’s will for my life. With the restrictions in my life it was near impossible for me to get published. I just kept moving trusting in God- I’m getting published! With a giant of a mountain before me I didn’t know how to move forward but God paved my way. I am so much in awe! But, I would not be here, or be who I am without the bitterness and hardships in my life. Without the restrictions and the mountain I wouldn’t have learned what I have or grow in strength as I have grown by breaking through the restrictions and climbing over the mountain. As you walk into today don’t think about what you should do to start your goal-just put it into action. Don’t worry about how long or short it will take to happen. When you put out the effort it sends invisible waves into the future. Just keep working at it and you will ketch up to the waves echoing before you. Also, don’t be afraid of the bitter moments…

Where would I be if life was nothing but sweet?

I would be spoiled

Rotten to the soul

Selfish in my desires

Hateful in my ways

I would be weak

Not able to stand in the worlds bitter beat….

I thank you Lord for the hardships in my life, for the growth and wisdom it has given me, and the strength it has created in me. For gifting me with the feet to dance and the hands to clap so I can sing with my body through the soft and hard music of life. I thank you for the earthly bittersweet drumbeat taking me from High to low. I need the bitterness in life!

How do I know the sweet without the bitter?

I don’t!

In bitterness

I grow in strength

I become wise

Sweet becomes the sweetest


I learn to move forward without becoming a quitter…

Job 2:10

Shall we accept good from God, and not trouble?


I encourage you to take that huge step this day, January 5, 2016…. Bring your dream to life, make your visions real, and that project you’ve always wanted to do- Let your hands go to work!

Author H.E. Olsen



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