Savor, A Devotional That Has Touched My Life

H.E. OlsenMy brother and his wife gave me a devotional book for my Christmas gift. As I opened Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are as You Are by Shauna Niequist I read the introduction and was amazed to find myself. What I’ve been through, how I felt, what I’m experiencing and going through today. I absolutely love and connect to her quotes…

She writes, “Soak up the goodness around us, be aware of the holy fingerprints everywhere, walk through each day expecting and noticing those glints and shimmers of the divine in our daily life- In a hug, tomato sandwich (for me it would be my morning coffee), A quiet moment (Which, for me, is very rare), and a text from someone we love (I love getting messages on Facebook or by email).”

Life can become completely chaotic that we miss the beauty of each moment. For me, I have kids running in and out …arguing, complaining, and just doing what kids do. Mom is seen as someone to go to about everything, little and big. Mom becomes frustrated! But, then there are those moments where I find myself with the kids making a special moment …Baking with my daughter, working on chores with my oldest son who has become a big help, and connecting with my middle child, the stubborn son, in a playful way. I cherish these moments. As a wife I get irritated that I don’t get to see my husband much during the day until late at night and there being no time to go out together. But, I love the evenings where I can cuddle up against him and suck in his heat- especially in these cold winter months. I cherish all the moments we are together. If I’m not careful I allow the frustrations of life’s chaos to override and obscure these special moments.

She also writes, “I allow the minor annoyances of life to obscure the rich melody underneath, I rush and push and don’t even see the beauty all around me, I let fear and control cover over the deep beauty, grace, and peace that are playing like a drumbeat under everything.”

I now see the beauty in each and every day! I live my life from moment to moment. I have learned to savor. I have learned, in this last year, to clear away the space and the noise to hear the drumbeat of life as Shauna puts it. This devotional speaks words that I have been breathing, going into depths that I’m familiar with, and singing songs that my soul has been singing. I truly believe that this devotional was meant to grace my world. Thank you Jason and Brittany!

Here are some of Shauna’s quotes that are completely me…

“I tend to live in my head- analyzing every word of the last conversation, regretting, anticipating, and worrying.” (I absolutely do live in my head and analyze everything. Though I used to worry a lot I have become less of a worrier.)

“Whole plot lines unfold-beginning, middle, and end- in the time it has taken me to brush my teeth.” (I have actually done this. But the best time my mind works is when I’m cleaning and doing chores …even though being in my head makes me a bit absentminded …which isn’t good when trying to put things away. Those things go missing.)

Slowing down, clearing the space and noise, has allowed me to bring my mind to more of a focus where I need to be. I have dug deep into the soil of my life just as Shauna. I have learned to be at peace in the center of chaos. I can see the depths of Gods work around me. I am learning to connect to God who has made me for a purpose. I spend my days in prayer, seeking a holy, loving God. In Him I have found restoration and healing.  And like Shauna I want to take your hand and walk with you sharing my world and what I’ve learned. I want to share God’s love with you! I want to help you find your purpose.

1st Corinthians 3:16

Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?

Everyone has a story! Every story is worth telling. It is our testimony, a way for God to shine in us. God is the author of all our lives if we choose Him. There are many many ways to share a story or testimony, like me- some write books, some speak publicly, some share one on one, and some share just by living through actions and deeds. No one is greater than the other. Each and every story is as important as the other.

I’m going to share my devotional each morning allowing this book Savor to guide me. I may share it writing out my feelings, in a short story, or by a poem, whatever strikes my mood. Join me as I hope to dig deeper with Shauna and share how her book touches my life. If you want to read her own words, which are truly amazing, and have Savor touch your own life then I suggest you go purchase her book. She has written one devotional that I absolutely look forward to. I’m going to open it each and every morning this year hoping to resist reading ahead. I’m definitely going to savor this book!

If you want to follow- share your own words, thoughts, and feelings with me on this journey and with others who are following -then connect to my blog or Facebook page. Your life holds power, share it with others….

Author H.E. Olsen



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