Leaders, Churches, and Couseling

I am posting this from my phone since my laptop is out-of-order. I hope it will be working soon. I want to get this out while it is running through my head. I apologize for any mistakes, my phone is very stubborn and hard to work with. So, this being said here I go…

There are many people who become hurt or offended by churches, or I should say the leaders of a church. A church is defined by its leaders. I just read my friends blog ‘Pathology on the Church’ and I can understand the frustration and hurt people experience by some leaders. Not to mention the confusion.

The bible calls us to gather together for the edification of our beliefs, to keep each other in check, and to grow spiritually. But, we need to remember that a church is ran by humans. Even leaders can go astray. A church does not define us, we define the church. So, the church will only be as good as its leaders are. Sadly some churches bring harm to people because the leaders are hard hearted, play favorites, and live for the power their place gives them. Not, all churches follow God’s leading. These churches, or I should say leaders give all churches a bad rep. It puts a bad taste in the mouth of those who have been hurt. The oNed who are hurt need help the most.

I do believe that all church leaders need to take counseling classes. People need to be counseled according to what best fits them. Even in Christianity there are different ways of belief. We need  to reach each individual at their level. And, under no circumstances should we ignore sexual abuse, regardless if those accusations are false or true. A thorough investigation needs to be made on both sides. Matthew 18:6 says that a millstone needs to be hung around the neck and drowned. In this, doesn’t it go also for the church who condoned it out of favoritism. anyone who harms a child or causes a child to sin is responsible for that sin, their offense becomes twofold. A child is not held accountable but the adult is. If the pastor or elder of the church can’t handle counseling the situation then a professional should be brought in.

Also, those who stand by the way side observing and doing nothing are just as guilty. So with this, to Jacqui’s friend, even though I was not the one who caused your hurt, I apologize. I choose to stand in the gap because I am a part of the body of Christ, a part of the body of the church as a whole. Please forgive. Not all churches are cold. Remember, churches are human ran, they are not perfect, they can and will let you down. But, God be praised …He is not defined by the church. God is so much bigger And way more loving. Your relationship with Him is written inside you, not on the church. I haven’t been to church in a long time but I am a member at large. I still love my God with all my heart.

Jacqui, you have been a friend for a ling time. Don’t let your heart become bitter. Love, love others by taking a stand for the hurting. Be a leader that can serve. Great leaders are not afraid of getting dirty serving others.  This does need to be addressed.  I also believe a leader needs to put someone in place to help them be accountable. Being a leader and pastor is not easy.

Church is to encourage us not to become us…

H.E. Olsen


One thought on “Leaders, Churches, and Couseling

  1. Mom October 7, 2015 / 2:22 pm

    You are an amazing writer.. A gift from God , thats forsure..

    Liked by 1 person

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