Life Isn’t Just About You!

{1E3AB2BD-3194-4E17-B48F-0D2BB2DA12E1}-100_0836By H.E. Olsen

Seeing a pair of youthful eyes the older woman looking back in time yearned for someone who might have given her some words of wisdom in her younger life. To be told about choices and actions, how they can wreak havoc on the future. The old woman spouted out, “Life is not just about you!”

She quieted her voice, “Every choice you choose, and every action you make will affect those who are around you.”

The old woman calls to mind how stubborn she was in her youth. How she believed she knew everything that there was to know. She sighs with remorse, “I was a stubborn one. I believed I knew all that I needed to know in my youth. Everything else that I didn’t know just didn’t suite me. I lived in a world where only I mattered in my life. I was very wrong.”

She raises one side of her lips up into a half-smile. “If an old lady came to me when I was young spouting things like I am know I would have thought she was crazy!” Shaking her head she chuckles.

“I just have to get out that when you live a life of selfishness being self-centered, self-seeking, self-glorified you will not have many friends in the end. Your actions of selfishness will chase them away. In this lifestyle you abuse people’s trust, use people, also with these actions and choices you will learn to lie, cheat, and steal …all to just get what you believe you want. To get something that may break, be lost, and not last in a few months or so. With these actions no one will want to be around you…”

The old woman shakes her head, “I am wiser now! I have seen much in my lifetime. Also, I have better understanding. In youth everyone should start thinking of others, give respect, choose good choices and make good actions, not just for you but for all around you. You will find that they will become your cheerleaders and your support team. They will be your family as a whole to lift you when you fall, encourage you when your down, and help you when you need it. You need the people around you to thrive, be good to them.”

The old lady’s eyes clouded over with remembrance, “I wish some old lady said these words to me in my youth. I wish I wasn’t stubborn and had ears to hear …to understand an old lady who decided to come to me out of the blue.”

The old woman sees the young eyes fade into the wrinkly eyes she has today. With the thought of sitting in the park tomorrow to wait a youthful person, just so that she can impart these words of wisdom, she smiles with mischief. She decides to finish brushing her teeth and go to bed before someone finds her talking to herself again.


2 thoughts on “Life Isn’t Just About You!

  1. Mom September 18, 2015 / 7:12 pm

    WOW !! What a great story.. I love it and it keeps your attention. The first paragraph my need some proof reading?


    • H.E. Olsen September 18, 2015 / 8:42 pm

      Thank you mom, and thank you for keeping me on my toes….


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