Picture taken by Marti Lynne Glabb
Picture taken by Marti Lynne Glabb

Life is filled with Miracles! They can be big and they can be small. But a Miracle will always touch you in a special way. Some of my favorite miracles are seeing someone grin from ear to ear who hasn’t truly smiled for a long time, Every sunset and sunrise giving us a new day, and stepping out in faith seeing a pathway unfold before you.

My journey has not been an easy one, it may be easier than some and harder than others, but my miracle is staying true to the path of goodness even when I was blind and all seemed to be negative. Yes, I went through a lot of up and downs, in and outs, but I chose to find light in a dark world. Now that I have matured and have found understanding my journey is unfolding before me, all I have to do is follow where God leads. I am amazed by the blessings He is pouring into my life. Everyone I talked to about publishing told me that I would have to submit my book 12 or more times before it would be accepted. I submitted it only twice and was accepted both times. I turned the first one down because it was a self publishing company and I couldn’t afford that. I went in to this with literally nothing. But, then God brought me a publisher company that fit all my needs. My path was set. I am in awe of it all…

Some miracles may be big and some may be small, but a miracle is a miracle no matter what. I challenge you to seek out a miracle today. They are all around us everyday …sometimes we just overlook them. If you have a miracle you want to share then please leave it in the comments below and have a great day…..


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