Running from Negatitvity….

I see a lot of advice from Christians telling people to run from negative situations. This does sound like good advice, “Let’s stay positive and avoid negative situations.”  It makes sense, right? To avoid difficult or unpleasant situations that could make us uncomfortable or bring us down. To avoid people who do the same. But this is not what the bible teaches. This is not a truth of God but a truth of the flesh. This truth of the flesh teaches us to run. It becomes habit-forming. But, all this will do is cause us to run from one negative situation ‘or person’ to another. Now, with a negative world, we are continually running.

God teaches from the good book to stay, stand tall, and shine with the light of love. Think about all the negative situations Jesus was in the midst of, He stood against evil. He did not run. He shined with the glory of heaven in the midst of darkness. His disciples did not avoid difficult negative situations unless they were told to by heavenly intervention. Even in the old testament Hadassah, now known as Queen Esther, found herself in the midst of chaos. A very difficult time. She did not run. We are to be a light in the midst of darkness. This is Gods truth.

satan rules the flesh, he twists the truth, and would have us believe this lie, this truth of the flesh. Because when we run from hardships and negative situations we close the door to the goodness God could bring ….in forgiveness, healing, and the light of positivity. I know it takes great strength to stand in the midst of darkness, but remember, Our strength is found in Jesus …who conquered satan by sacrificing His life for us.

So, stand strong and shine…..


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