Stepping into Today

Sunset for Bears 001Yesterday may have brought pain. From my actions or yours. Struggling with life’s hardships will create wounds. Some deep down or on the surface. Some may even be hidden, causing soars to ooze without knowing. So……

Today I choose healing. I choose to forgive. I choose to let go of the bonds and loose the wounds that have kept me bound (in Jesus name). I will dig to the deepest corners of my soul. I will break any altar I have placed my pain upon. That…..

Tomorrow I will be strong. I will wake in the morn free. Free from the past that held me down. From the forgiveness of those wounds I am strong. I will use this strength to stand tall for those who are in need. That they may also be free….

“From Yesterday’s pain,

I choose forgiveness Today,

That I will be strong Tomorrow”

Awake and enjoy the sunrise……..
Picture:Acrylic paint with a multimedia frame.

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