Being a Bullies Victim is a Choice…

Bullies are everywhere. I find as an adult that Adults who should be setting a good example are not. They are being hurtful and hateful bullying others. I myself have been subject to bullying as an adult. This has allowed me to see that I am only a victim if I allow myself to be one.

I may be different, I’m short, have stretch marks from pregnancy, lots of freckles, and also have a ton of gray at the age of 36. I am imperfect. I can laugh too loud at the wrong moment, speak out of turn, and draw the wrong conclusions. I am imperfect.

My imperfections are unique. Being unique makes me beautiful.
My imperfections are unique. Being unique makes me beautiful.

But, each imperfection is unique with a story. It is a part that makes me, me. I choose to love the person that I am, imperfections and all. I choose to be unique. I have made mistakes, lost focus, and made a mess. But without them I wouldn’t be who I am today. I have forgiven and learned a lesson. I have earned my right to be unique. Bullies may say what they say. But I am alright with myself. I am no victim to their abuse. Their words and actions can’t reach my soul. I will always choose to be uniquely me. In this there is beauty.

There is a reason that bullies bully. Though they don’t realize it themselves. They are hurting and filled with anger. Taking it out on everyone else. They become envious by jealousy. Then act out being extreme. They may see a person thrive with a trait that they were made fun of, a very sad thing, or simply just can’t stand the thought of someone succeeding when they are not doing the same. There are many reasons why a bully is a bully. It all comes down to bullies being a victim. A victim to their negative emotions from their hurt and pain. Of living in the past and not forgiving. They bully to feel empowered thinking it will help them gain.

So, give no room for a bullies hateful hurt. Stand tall amidst their storm. Don’t feed into their hate but shine with love. Blinding their darkness with rays of light. Creating strength by their weakness.  Allowing you to rise above. Be confident in who you are. If a bully attacks try giving a hug. (Yes, I have actually done this to see what would happen. It made them speechless.)

Now, I just want to say …children learn by example. If adults can’t set a positive one. Then the next generation will just continue, with hurt and hate by the adults who bully. Bullying creates more bullies. So take a stand and like my friends page. Lets support her in her walk of choosing to S.T.A.Y. (Strength To Accept Yourself)…….

“If you would like to comment on how you overcame bullying.
It just might encourage someone in need.”

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