Songs from the Soul

{27C2ADC2-E01E-4DE9-822A-074E43566BED}-403328_107755909380969_2122096612_n[1] (2)Every writer writes from deep within, whether poem, short story, song, or novel- fiction or non-fiction. Words pour from the deep with experiences of joy, love, excitements, hardships, and some uncovered from pain. A true writer writes to tell and share. To reach out across space and time, in bringing a story that speaks to all, giving others peace of mind, laughter, and a connection of exactly how one feels. So next time you read someones work, know they are giving you a piece of themselves. Be touched. It takes a strong person to write what they feel and share their soul with the world.


“I would love to hear how someone has touched you with literature from the soul.”


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