When Dreams Don’t Have to End (Quote of the Day)

This blog is written by a (I’m going to say) friend. It got me to thinking about daydreaming and how it has caused me to do stupid, yet laughable, things. So, Kharis Courtney, you have inspired me to tell some of my experiences. It will be following this blog…

Kharis Courtney

When I asked my husband, who is also a writer, what he would say about this quote, he replied, “I don’t know. It kind of says it all for you.”

Really, he’s right. I can’t add much, but I certainly relate. Writing lulls me into a dreamlike trance. The “real world” gets fuzzy and all I can see, hear, or feel is what’s going on in my story. Then I write it down, almost as if I’m nothing more than an observer. It’s that same kind of separation you often feel while actually dreaming: there, but not there; a part of the world, but at the same time apart from it. Unlike a sleeping dream however, these waking dreams don’t have to end. That’s why I love writing: because I can summon dreams whenever I want to and nothing can make them go away.

Today’s Prompt: Write a story…

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