Preparing for Life’s Mountains…

You wouldn’t climb a mountain naked. If you do, then you’re going to find it hard. Your feet will take the brunt of it, getting cuts, thorns, and bruises. Your legs will sting with scratches. Your body can become sunburnt or cold, depending on the temperature, you may even get frostbite.

But, not only your physical form is abused, your emotions may become negative. You can feel embarrassed, self-conscious, and exposed to discouraging elements.

When climbing a mountain you need to prepare. You will need hiking boots, clothing to protect your skin, and maybe a walking stick, or gear. (Depending how steep the mountain is, you might have to climb rocks…) let’s not forget the food and water. It’s smart to be prepared.

Of course, if you’re like me, you’re running up and down, back and forth, because you get part way up when you realize you forgot something. This is very tiresome. It also takes longer.

301_6590 (2)Study your mountain, prepare, stay determine, and be focused. You will reach the peak.

I would love to hear how you climb your mountains…


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