Home Sweet Home

(Sorry for missing the last two days, I say I’m going to try to blog daily, then things get in the way …these things seem to always happen to me.) Grrr, lol. Really, not very funny…

Home Sweet Home,

4915 035I used to be ashamed of the way we live, it embarrassed me. But it doesn’t anymore. Living in a trailer has proved to me, that home truly is where the heart is.

Growing up I lived in an awesome place, a nice house with a river for our back yard. It was like being on vacation everyday (except when I had to do chores… hehe ).

Now, I’m on a different vacation, I’m camping for the time being. I love to camp. Although this is camping, ‘mansion style.’ Tents are more fun.

It doesn’t matter if your homeless or in a mansion, home is where you feel accepted, safe, and loved. Home is the people close to you, family and friends. Home is where you, “Ahhh” with contentment  and happiness.

No home is perfect. But, there is still love even though there is anger. There is forgiveness when there is hurt. Struggling with hardships, a home is where all is okay in the end. This is what home is for me.

I would love to hear comments on what a home means to you… (If you’re brave enough)


One thought on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Kate Dalebout April 24, 2015 / 7:18 pm

    Heather, We live in a single wide and its a real struggle for me sometimes. I have complaints on a daily basis. My husband reminds me that we OWN our home and we can use our extra money for making memories with our kids. Memories or material things. Whats more important?? There is a freedom in living the simple life. Buying a bigger home will not make me happier. I think it would make my life worse and more stressful. Liam will say things like, “I love our house”. We make good memories here and love one another. That is what is important. I love that you live the way you do. It is possible and enjoyable.


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