I want to thank everyone who’s followed my blog, liked H.E. Olsen’ s page on Facebook,  and shared my journal entry ‘Lost & Found’. So far I’ve reached close to 100 views.

I don’t know why ‘Lost & Found’ didn’t post to WordPress. Maybe because I did it under project? It was my first time using project. I am still learning.

I have decided to play around with WordPress, push all the buttons, play with all the gadgets, so to speak. So, if you notice something completely off the wall, you know what I’m up too. Just MAKE FUN of me, have a good LAUGH, and comment. We can all laugh about it.

I have asked for help but received no feedback, (this always happens to me). It would seem I’m suppose to walk alone in my journeys. That’s o.k. …it will make me stronger. (But, I just want to add, I have you.) This makes me smile.

I would love to hear stories when you had to go it alone, and if you have feedback, I’m all ears. (Smiley face)


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