The Lighthouse

We all have something that pulls us out of our dark places. It could be beliefs, family, friends, hobbies, or love. When light shines in our darkest times, follow it. That light is created by something that’s important to us. It helps us to live, to exist. It helps us to feel that we have worth. ‘That light’ is positive energy that pulls us from our negative selves.
I have been so deeply depressed that I have been suicidal. I was emotionally struggling with standing on rocking waves trying to find footing in the foggy storm. It took me years to overcome the fears to open up about the way I felt. ‘That light’ that pulled me from my dark self was my beliefs, family, and love. Once I grasped on to ‘that light’ and allowed it to pull me out, I found, that I was able to open up. Once I opened up I felt free. It was not easy at first… the first step, first climb, was the hardest. After, it became easier.
I know I have worth being an at-home wife and mother, I know I am ‘somebody’ even though I am nobody, I know to exist is important, life is important. Let’s live and persevere through our struggles.

Follow your lighthouse from the deep currents of the storming sea. It will set you free.

The Lighthouse…….I know, this story may have a bit of a corny ending. 🙂


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