Love’s Pure Light

11885259_905155736224801_9112124542212391186_nFinding true love can be the hardest thing to achieve but once achieved the easiest thing to give. It can hurt, but allows us to continue on. True love gives us freedom.

To someone who has fought to no avail,

 Battled for a lost cause,

 Chosen love against all odds,

 Gave it your all,

Faced dragons and lost,


Lost a soul in the end,

Are given a jewel found deep within,

Love’s Pure Light.

With every glimmering tear,

Your heart will ache,

I fear.

It’s their choice to make,

Don’t despair.

Take courage,

You did your all,

You chose love in the midst of hate.

For this lost soul,

Shed a tear of Love’s Pure Light.

Do not feel defeated.

This wasn’t your battle to lose.

You are an instrument for love’s sake.

Giving light for the lost soul to take,

It’s their battle,

Their path,

 Their choice to make.

This lost soul may not know,

This gift of love,

That slid down your nose-

Shimmering, glimmering,

Love’s Pure Light,

That allowed you to let go.

There is One who see’s all,

He sees the love within.

This love that shines in you comes from Him.

He has given the tear of- Love’s Pure Light,

Shed for a lost soul,

Who chose death instead of life.


God rewards the faithful, even if we feel that we failed! Keep on loving!

HE Olsen 🙂


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