Life’s Changes

Life will change. You may have your sights set on things in the future or have no idea what to do or be. I am one of the latter ones. I graduated highschool without any knowledge of what I wanted to do or be. Now I’m 35 years old with a supportive husband and three crazy kids, having found the desire to be a marriage and relationship counselor and an author. My circumstances giving me passion about writing and helping others. I have found my future. I have been working on a book proposal for the last three months for a finished book called “Finding True Love”. Based off of my own experiences, Christian beliefs, and knowledge of finding true love within. Even though I know this is a time-consuming road, homeschooling my children, and watching my brother-in-laws three little kids to boot, I am up against even more obstacles. But, for me, this is a journey worth fighting for. It is never too late to find your passion, and worth every battle fought.

I will blog some of my literature from poems to short stories, even my crazy-off-the-wall writings and deep thoughts from the heart, along with the journey I’m on. So, I will end this with the hope that I will reach and encourage many people, with life’s many changes and hardships there is a silver lining and sunshine at the end of each journey.


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